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Ask it! “Lu Feng laughed.
Wang Meng looked at the whole body language seem to have been surrounded by mystery young man, himself how to read even see through the young, open asked:? “Am I worth only the value of thousands of why you want to promise Luo Jiashan gambling regulations? “
Lu Feng heard silent.
“you say ah?”
Wang Meng some Buyiburao language.
she had obviously do not want to feel Lu Feng Luo Jiashan game, why did he promise? It really is for that one hundred thousand yuan?
Lu Feng looked away to the west, the sky looked Hongxia sky, somewhat muffled tone, mouth revealing a hint of a smile, said: “To be honest, I need the money, it is money and you do not like me, you do not have to! three meals a day troubles, not to worry about the basic necessities, not for tuition and unable to sleep at night, not to go to the bookstore to buy a few books and think hard to live frugally. “
“Remember the last time your grandfather had acute appendicitis when it? fact that I went to the Medical Center for money, that I had labored for three months salary if your grandfather did not encounter that situation, I am afraid now I have a place under the flyover. months, three months, I ate instant noodles, even in the morning are reluctant to spend money on a few points buns. “
“I went to the doctor’s Medical Center is still learning, you should be very clear, but go to learn to ten thousand tuition, I do not, if not win the last game Parkour more than 30,000, and now I’m also still owes the physician tuition and do nothing. “
“Yes, I was short of money, but I have to make a living, in order to have a learning environment of medicine, and even making plans for the future, no matter what God means money from the devil, as long as the peace of mind, I would want to, I can not impulsive abandon regardless of their own future. “
“promised 骆嘉善 parkour game, win be able to get one hundred thousand, maybe one hundred thousand pairs of you is just a small sum of money, it might even buy you a few car tires, But for me, it is enough to live comfortably allow me to learn,canada goose outlet, live, allowing me to eat in the morning buns, can go to the bookstore to buy a few of the medical books. “
“You ask me that you do not worth a million, I can tell you that people can not be measured by money,canada goose jackets, in my eyes, not to mention the thousands,cheap canada goose, even one million, ten million, it is impossible to buy get your root fingers. “
Lu Feng as use more and more, the tone has become increasingly low, his eyes revealing a burst of confusion, a hint of fantasy, or a trace of heartbreaking frustration and struggle:
“Luo Jiashan need is to pursue your quota, his money, his dashing up; And I need is the money, the need is not being starved of protection.”
Lu Feng’s eyes slowly recovered from the West horizon, stared watching Wang Meng language Meirutianxian peerless face, softly asked: “King Dream speech, he and I are two kinds of people, and you are a man of two worlds , you say, this can meet the needs of both things, why do not I promise? “
Wang Meng expression language is very complex, Lu Feng questioning, she did not seem to hear a pair of beautiful shiny eyes stared watching Lu Feng, this slightly astringent face, this mature to countless young people can not Compared to the mind, and suddenly she felt his heart throb. Lu Feng also forgive without her consent and agreed to the challenge.
Lu Feng laugh, smile and shook his head.
to whom he had never said so many ideas in mind, the answer appears to be just a dream king language problem, but why not buckle ourselves, organize your thoughts in mind, then why not find someone to talk to about the truth.
Lu Feng Wang language of dreams recovered from laughing, a deep Lu Feng looked at, just that beautiful face cold if frost suddenly Perfectionist smile, for just their absence, mind flashed shy, beautiful white face snappily glance Lu Feng said:. “loaded with emotion big fat man, the line, my arm hurts yet, and quickly drove”
icy smile face with a sudden change, so Lu Feng slightly shocked, this is the first time I saw him laugh Wang Yu Meng Wang Meng language is so beautiful, even without the language to pursue the dream king’s mind, but it is also the moment From the tip of her beauty of this enchanting quickly transformed into glamorous face attractive.
dream until the king bowed language get in the car, Lu Feng was a wry smile and shook his head, secretly sigh normal man does not like beautiful women no conclusion.
had to learn in driving school coach used cars and sports cars, is absolutely not a grade, and this year you pay, it really makes sense. Lu Feng
although somewhat jerky driving skills, but the speed open displeasure, but also not a problem. Half an hour after
, luxurious red sports car parked in front of the house Lu Feng rent. Master Lu Feng know they have to work, and we can only dream of rain with the king back to his house just as well as acupuncture.
most recently, the landlord rented Aunt Lu Feng has been wandering around the house where she was beg, or even even worshiped the Goddess of Mercy does not know how many times, I hope Lu Feng can obediently moved out. Hayang he can also overcharged a few hundred dollars a month the yuan.
That was a few hundred ah, not a small number! Lu Feng
but simply do not bother her, even taking a detour to see her still, even if she caught the front, Lu Feng is also a nod with a faint smile. Not to mention things better move house, mentioning Lu Feng complexion will get cold, and then renting a contract sullen lift, which made her hate teeth itch, is not that way.
distant oncoming car suddenly stopped at around quickly, the landlord Aunt shocked. Cold face looked toward the red sports car, but did not dare say anything, able to afford such a car person, not that she can Rede Qi.
Suddenly, Aunt landlord himself shocked, looking to become extremely ugly.
he saw what?
down from the driver’s position that the young man, is that the original may not afford to pay their own rent, then Sipilailian guys do not want to move it?
him, he even drove luxury sports car back?
how could ah?
However, when the co-pilot position on the United States if the angel a girl out, the landlord Aunt instantly come to understand, look to Lu Feng’s eyes are deep color with disdain.
this kid, nurturing afford to be a rich woman, ah?
Well, these days young people ah! Just do not learn, stood a great youth work hard struggle of their careers, but go when the small white face, the skin did not really people called it!
But this kid to see that this is not expected to do great things, tired to death of it also a beast!
off the landlord to see Aunt Lu Feng naturally, goes on with disdain at her ugly face, Lu Feng directly ignore, locked the car, opened the door and ran stride, smiled and said: “I have here some simple, You do not find it too fine. “
Lu Feng Wang language Dreams know the hard life, nature does not care, but she herself is more than the kind of Xianpinaifu woman, smiled and said: “There is nothing bad little shabby, Sri Lanka is a simple room, but I Dexin, Even Tang has ‘poem ho,’ said the poet Liu Yuxi do not mind, how dare I despise, but I heard the boys residence, and pigsties are similar, your home will not be a mess, right? whether or not to go ahead tidy? “
Lu Feng shrugged his shoulders, secretly smile. Wang Meng language say it, let yourself go in finishing ahead of the next, but she quickly walked from the speed, obviously just talking about it. However, he accidentally discovered the words of Wang Yu dream a lot more than before, I hope this is just an accident.
“It seems that the rumors are false? Not all boys bedrooms are the same as the doghouse.”
watching Wang Meng Su language Rian shabby look very clean room could not help but praise Road.
Lu Feng heard a burst of shame, went in closing the door, smiled and patted his chest and said:. “I’m not a boy, a man, a joke, but the little man in relation to conditioning, doing some things in order to do more with less.”
Wang Meng language listening smiled, but just half laugh, “man” suddenly let her suddenly remembered the word in the Phoenix Park Parkour game when he slipped the scene after falling from the rockery, the thought of his first kiss, think After hip bird warm big hands, suddenly revealing a trace of shyness, nor in the opening fight Lu Feng.
“come, you first sit on this chair, I won needles, acupuncture, etc. will give you what, the arm would not be so hurt!” Lu Feng pulled up a chair, pointing to a chair road.
Wang Meng language gently nodded his head, eyes slowly swept from the room clean and the furnishings.
Congguizili a fast needles, Lu Feng to fetch water for disinfection, then came to Wang Meng language around and said: “Put your sleeves rolled up, I give you some of the massage, so that the blood circulation flow faster, then give you acupuncture, in which case the residual congestion in the skin and so will be able to quickly ruled out. “

body of the forty-third chapter sent Wang Yu dream home
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Wang Meng language gently nodded, gently roll up the sleeves, when congestion at the finger accidentally hit, hurt her brow wrinkled up.
Lu Feng until she rolled up their sleeves, looking at her like suet-like creamy skin, heart suddenly and inexplicably angry surge of hot. Expect to give the king a dream speech therapy, he hurried to operate within the gas flow in the vein quickly, completely calm down after a while.
swept away before the fiery, Lu Feng Wang language in a dream arm gently grasp the moment, other thoughts out the window of a sudden, in the eyes of Lu Feng, Wang language at this time that the United States is no longer a dream if the angel great beauty, but a need for the patient’s own treatment.
bone eighth Eight: massage. Lu Feng to explain the method according to the book, but also in the Phoenix Park has been a dream for the king word massage once, so the skilled use of the gas is he secretly running the palm, rub congestion through massage place.
massage three or four minutes, Lu Feng quickly remove a silver needle, facing congestion at points too striking. At this point, the case of concentration, Lu Feng is like a master of acupuncture in general, a root piercing needles quickly, when after a good eighth needle acupuncture, acupuncture Lu Feng reach out and touch the side where the gas along fingers slowly infiltrate into the language of dreams congestion at the king. After
minutes, Lu Feng quickly pulled out a silver needle, suddenly just a trace of black congestion along the acupuncture treatment where flow.
eight pull out the needle, Lu Feng Wang language watching Dream asked: “?? how kind is not a lot better.” Wang Meng language
eyes held surprises of color, heavy nodded and said: “Really like just so hurt, and you just give me a massage, I felt quite comfortable, warm, just like there are streams in My arms flows in general. “
even unconsciously Wang Yu Meng Lu Feng did not know his attitude has eased a lot.
Lu Feng gently smile, looking out of the arm on the white king word dream of black blood, smiled and said:. “to maintain this pose, wait five minutes or so, almost inside the congestion on the flow of clean and then wash later, I Acupuncture needles and then approach applied once, almost! fracture did not like all of a sudden, but after treatment, should be able to make the pain to a minimum. “
Feng Wang language dream looked landing face, she just noticed that when Lu Feng for his face to treat the whole person is like entering an ethereal state, that preoccupied serious look, so he’s slightly astringent have become mature.
Wang Meng language once heard saying: people seriously up is the best way to see. Lu Feng
today to see this look, mind has endorsed this view.
but her heart there is a feeling that Lu Feng is born for doctors and students.
Ten minutes later, the treatment is completed. Dream no more than the king of language is here to stay, laughing: “! Hour is late, I go back.”
Lu Feng Wang language glanced dream arm nodded and said: “I’ll drive you back to it, you can not drive like this.”
Wang Meng language nodded, but added no shirk.
luxury red sports car slowly driving on the road, Wang Meng language suddenly asked: “? Lu Feng, before you say to your future, what is your dream.”
Lu Feng Yi Zheng, the king did not expect even ask this question dream language, laughed: “In fact, is not considered a big dream is to be able to open a shop of their own health, then bigger, more patients able to treatment. hospital now, I do not want to comment, but in some cases you have heard and now it’s, rich people, but the poor more, my dream is to own the future be able to open up the door to the Medical Center, to provide the poor province money, allowing them to seek care, they are able to relieve pain, relieve suffering the disease. “
said here, Lu Feng paused, light laugh: “Buddhist language: save a life better than building a seven-storey pagoda, my dream is to save countless people, early deeds, achievement of good karma.”
“Puchi ……”
Lu Feng Wang language dream last sentence is said that senior monks like to laugh, but in her heart, with a trace for more Lu Feng impression, you can see from his dream, he was a kind-hearted person.
think Grandpa had praised him for his appearance, the king word dream mouth showing a smile.
hear Wang Yu dream smile, Lu Feng not only touched his nose, in fact, he really is just the performance, but Wang Yu Meng did not believe it. the largest luxury villas
Jiyang City, Lu Feng slowly pulled to the outside of the outermost door post, smiled and said: “I send you here it is inside your home, which a few steps yourself a hand! will be able to open the back. “
Wang Meng eyes with a trace of a strange language of color, and asked: “?! do not you go sit with my grandfather Well, if I see you come, I believe we will be very happy.”
Lu Feng smiled and shook his head pale, their eyes from a distance, and much of that style villa sweep, smiled and said: “I do not go in, and now the time is so late, I did not eat dinner, go back and get something to eat, Then have a good rest, today’s game is also tiring of people! “
Wang Meng language nodded silently, she was able to hear the meaning of shirk Lu Feng, and said: “Well, but this car you open go, such a long way, and recently hit a road car is not easy, I You go there tomorrow morning to drive back on the line. “
Lu Feng face showing a trace of hesitation, so he drove the car to leave alone? Is she afraid of her own hit touched? Or the opening of a direct run?
heard of this car, casually knocked some paint, have a good several thousand repairs. Lu Feng Wang language
dream to see this look, where she was also a keen mind can not understand, smiled and laughed and said:? “how, do not you hit me afraid to let you lose ah worry, this car is full insurance, If you hit a bump, the insurance company to compensate it, but you also do not think that not spending boldly opened, safety is important. “
finished, Wang Meng direct speech to open the door to go down, Gezhuochechuang to Lu Feng waved, then turned and walked into the door post.
sighed softly, Lu Feng restart the car, drove slowly toward his residence.
Back home, it is already more than nine at night. Lu Feng did not think so, the landlord enough support even Aunt nothing to do, wandering outside in his room.
eyes flashed anger, Lu Feng parked on the roadside, quickly walked to his door after locked door.
“Oh, this is not a rich woman nurturing bitch is it? how the back? do not rely on that point and get money and Pianse pretty?”
landlord Aunt harsh voice had came.
from Lu Feng to go off was that moment, the landlord Aunt eyes full of anger, the little bastard suffer thousands of knives, and now are open on the car, and did not find a more upscale place to stay away from, his own to vacate the house.
Lu Feng dig the key action a stiff, looking slowly darkened, slowly turned and looked at Aunt landlord that arrogant face, Lu Feng Chen Sheng said: “The landlord, I want to talk to you when to go to brush teeth Do not taste a mouth that shit! “
Lu Feng finished directly into his room, no longer ignore the landlord Aunt

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There are all the vicissitudes of life. “
“lifeless! say you are fat you really breathe again!” Tang Xin Er scoff.
************************************************* **************
certain military bases in Vietnam, three black Audi car parked with a quick fortified garrison big iron door. Six soldiers wearing uniforms in Vietnam, quickly came to the front of the car, opened the door and respectful. And a large iron gate,cheap canada goose, Vietnam someone generals, with a group of officers, walked meet up.
However, from the three Audi cars, the most in the middle of the bike Audi car, the first step to get off, and if Lu Feng here, certainly one recognized them, he is the Chinese military, Major General Guyun City.
“ancient generals Hello, you can come to us in Vietnam, we are really extremely happy.” that were dressed in military uniforms, smiles greeted.
Guyun city this time wearing a casual, face with sunglasses, this time it seems, he does not look like a soldier, actually like a successful businessman. For the Vietnam General warm greeting, Guyun city responded with the same smile, fluent Vietnamese, said:. “Thank you, this time we come to Vietnam, really disturbed.” After
simple greeting, the two sides no more words, and fast into the big iron gate. within
large iron gate, is a two-story,canada goose outlet, this small building looks no different from ordinary buildings.
on the first floor of the hall outside the room, following the arrival of sixty-seven Guyun city conveniently mounted soldiers, all remain on the outside, and Vietnam, only those generals and a middle-aged man, with the inside .
luxuriously decorated conference room on the second floor, the general aspects of the first opening in Vietnam, said: “ancient generals, both of whom have come and Chinese medical rescue team members separately, but the government rejected our hospitality, choose to leave according to Vietnam and we had two sides to discuss the results, we do not send people to monitor. this cooperation, I was the only Vietnamese side a perennial agents lurking abroad, to help them complete the task. “
Guyun city clean smile disappeared, his face serious, said: “As long as there is no accident, I believe they will be able to successfully complete the task, the name of the Secretary of treason, we must seize, and to They perform tasks of information, has indicated that if it shall not, directly killing is also not a bad idea. As for the international drug lords, this time I think it would have been destroyed. “
Vietnam General nodded and said: “I believe the Chinese people you perform tasks, these drug lords in the Golden Triangle, is too rampant, even to slightly workers, even my Vietnamese invasion in various cities,canada goose jackets, with despicable means, the human trafficking, and even started two months ago, a large number of drugs are flowing into our territory to Vietnam, this time be sure to clean up. “
Guyun city smile and nodded, but his eyes some more subtle charm.
************************************************* ************
time passing by, and shortly, has left Vietnam three days from the Chinese medical aid team, three days, Lu Feng and Teng Xin Er sightseeing tour, entered the major attractions, the Vietnamese people continue to enjoy customs.
these days have been followed by Lu Feng Teng Keiji learn Vietnamese, when he, with a remarkable memory, has been able and ordinary Vietnamese people, a simple verbal communication, although sometimes say or write some foot.
ancient and lively town, here is the closest to the Golden Triangle area of ​​the town, is also the most chaotic in a small town boundary Vietnam, where the government, the right to speak not as gangsters, according to Lu Feng and Teng Xin Er-day observation , where there are at least a dozen gangs.
And, in this day, the two minor points of makeup, people do not look closely, it does not recognize Lu Feng. Walking in the streets, often see fights scenes, there are those thugs, gangsters bully scene.
However, Lu Feng at this time, and there is no way to see injustice his help, because he understands that people living in this town, there is no good crop, even those who show weak people, sometimes taking advantage of other people noticing it, Like snakes can bite an enemy general.
obviously just painted not long after the hotel, even obscured many there is no blood, Lu Feng and Teng Keiji They just entered the hotel, he was at least three batches of people to stare, not because of too famous Lu Feng , but rather Enchanting great beauty Teng Xin Er. However, no one of these three to help people get involved, not only because they fear the other gangs, even for Teng Xin Er Lu Feng and identity, also had doubts. After all, almost everyone knows, the dark of the town, and these two seemingly unbridled youth, so in a big arrival of their identity, so many people are curious.
diving can be in this town, but not to kill people of gangsters, almost no one is good crop, and no one is a fool, so we are waiting for, on the one hand into the search Teng Xin Er and Lu Feng Information, on the other hand is also waiting to see what in the end is the first sit side forces, and not simply moving the beautiful human woman.
who live and dangerous realm of Lu Feng Teng Xin Er, they totally do not care about those thugs bully, those gangsters do not care, they did so under the watchful eye of several gang members, a big kind of walked into the hotel, and opened a room.
latest whitewashed walls, there is a faint smell of paint, a large bed, two bedside cabinets, as well as a table and two chairs, this room is just these things.
Lu Feng Zhang of the mouth, is preparing to speak, suddenly saw Teng Keiji handed him a silencing gesture, suddenly he wants to say, then abruptly Yanhui stomach.
Teng Keiji standing around the room, slowly glanced around the room, and that beautiful face only hint of sneer, she pulled out a white dress gloves from his pocket, deft movements of walking in the room one by one position, no for a long time, it was her six wiretap Tandao front Lu Feng.
looked surprised at the color of his face exposed Lu Feng, Tang Xin Er faint smile, then these six wiretap thrown at the corner of the door, pulled Lu Feng went to the window in place.
Lu Feng reached the bags thrown on the table, watching Teng Xin Er smile: “This is how it there, why let me open a room instead of two this will cause others misunderstood???!”

body of three hundred and fifth chapters of the land of confusion
scholarly house Updated :2012 -5-20 1:24:53 words in this chapter: 3349

Teng Xin Er Lu Feng gave a contemptuous look, opening whispered: “We are to perform the task, but on the surface we do to travel, why we travel if we will come out Needing courteous, people afraid? is a fool, we can see that there are other purposes, otherwise good, who would come to this place? Therefore, in order not impressive, we have to dress up as a couple, only the young couple, will travel out together. “
Here, she saw Lu Feng face wry smile, but did not refute her heart was slightly hanging up slowly down, turned around and pointed to the door at the corner of the wiretap, whispered: ” For those, it must be sneaky various gangsters before putting them in, is to secretly listen to conversations where visitors thus learn each other’s identity background, good easy robbery, or make things worse my previous abroad a special base training, so I have a counter-reconnaissance capabilities. “
Lu Feng suddenly, his eyes looked strange Teng Xin Er, curious and asked: “??? you a dignified eldest daughter, will be the base for the training of foreign special training in the end is what those soldiers training almost”
Teng Xin Er shook his head and said: “I trained for that base in the world is very mysterious, it transcended beyond today’s regime, only mercenary, and then various places, people have a lot of wealth to them or their loved ones training course, pay a lot of money into the training base, most or all countries of special soldiers, then, or is some of the world powerful mercenary groups, and professional killers can also be said that there is a devil’s snare training . “
Lu Feng surprised: “the world is there a place like this is incredible Is it the presence of the United Nations to allow such organizations???”
Teng Keiji short laugh: “Do not allow, so the international police, national special forces types, this organization will be Weisha, but unfortunately, this mysterious organization, each year only to recruit and train a hundred people is not the place. fixed, or that is simply not trained in the same place. into training camp, is like entering the world’s most guarded prison, no one can leave, we can not contact the outside world, even those special lurking, no way to send any troops intelligence. want to go out, can only wait until the end of the two-year training course, and can not live persist to the end of the training, this is an unknown. “
Lu Feng face emerges out of shock of color, whispered: “? Does training will provoke any death.”
Teng Xin Er smiled, spoke and said: “provoke far more than any death, each session into a hundred people, or up to be able to come out of twenty, and I joined that group training, only sixteen people alive end of the training course, can come from the inside out, and both are the most powerful. “
Lu Feng swallowed, shook his head with a wry smile, smile: “really is horrible existence, the original world there are so dark matter.”
Teng Keiji laughed: “Do not worry, those who participate in the training, even if it is ultimately come out, you can not cause too much of a threat and wanted to go in training, spent a great amount of, you know. I do not know, how much I have to pay tuition fees before they go in? “
“How much?” Lu Feng asked, curious.
“five million.” Tang Xin Er laughed.
“Two years? five million? It is too expensive, right?” Lu Feng Di Hu Road.
Teng Xin Er shook his head and said:. “I have not finished, is five million U.S. dollars.”
“cries ……”
Lu Feng gasped, heart secretly scared. So expensive tuition, making life difficult for the organization each year over one hundred students can enroll up. However, this mysterious thing, actually lifting the Lu Feng curiosity, open asked:? “Xin Er, are you willing to go yourself or your family elders Teng let you go, that horrible place, then you The repair is not strong in the air, right? you give me a good talk about this mysterious organization. “
Teng Keiji laughed: “I was asked to go myself, before I’d Teng family has four members, entered the organization of training, the results are all dead in the inside, I was the fifth Lu Feng, I know. Your curiosity is hook up, but I want to say is, let’s stop right now, that exists, I am afraid we are untouchables Teng family, its huge forces to the point where you can not imagine if you have to want me to say I can only give you a few words: brutal, Nine Lives. “
Lu Feng silent, Tang Xin Er finally spit out two words, simply revealing the bloody Sen meaning.
Teng Xin Er obviously do not want to say more on this topic, Lu Feng because she was afraid she came out from that place, and cause fear in the hearts of Italian Lu Feng, though, she was no trace of malice against Lu Feng, even in her heart , Lu Feng’s lives are more important than her life.
“Lu Feng, those bugs how to deal with?”
Lu Feng Wei Zhou brow, thinking mind after a moment, he spoke and said: “Just put it out there, we ……”
Suddenly, Lu Feng’s eyes light up slightly, came up with a brilliant idea, waved toward Teng Xin Er, let Teng Xin Er conspire to him.
“Xin Er, I’d have a very good idea, if successful, even if we see that both goals, even if they mind no matter how high, we would not suspect nothing.” Lu Feng whispered.
Teng Keiji hint of surprise color, curious to see Lu Feng asked: “What? approach”
Teng Xin Er Lu Feng fell on the ears, whispered softly after a while, then went to the corner of the door, grabbed the six bugs, put them all on the table, it looked normal tone Teng Xin Er said: “! exhausted, today we go to bed earlier, I always felt that there is something wrong in this place, as if we were people stare wildly.”
Teng Keiji eyes showing a smile, with a peak landing, said:!! “Yes ah those eyes are strange, really hate, we get out of here or else, if it was what the culprit, then, we will be robbed of them. “
Lu Feng said: “Well, let’s take a day off here today, and tomorrow morning we will leave tomorrow morning, we direct money to buy a car, I can just take you for a ride..”
“My dear, very kind of you.” Tang Xin Er twinkle in his eyes flashed, his voice sweet and seemed to melt away just like honey, even acting, she is also somewhat reluctant to leave.
Teng Xin Er Lu Feng is full of spoiled sweet tone, to the confused some uncomfortable, but he did not show it, laughed:!. “Well, hurry to sleep a good rest tomorrow, which is good continue on their way to Vietnam The scenery is really good, mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, but also came good! “
************************************************* *******
several other rooms in this hotel, a full four groups of people, while exposing the color sneer, the man and the woman they monitor conversations, in that they are coming after a sightseeing tour, we are all relieved. Moreover, the young man said a word, so that they all eyes are a bright.
him directly to buy a car that day, he who is not with a lot of money?
looted them, it is simply a fortune ah!
this moment, everyone is a fiery mind, even four groups of people, but at this moment their gang called the Gangster phone, listening to the transmission of information out. They understand that, by virtue of their impossible exclusive benefits, after all, man and the woman, not being one to the eye itself.
“That kid can really act recklessly ah! people are very good? Haha, he probably does not really understand the ‘goodness’ of the meaning of this word, this time, we should not only robbed him of his money, but also robbed him That Ruhuasiyu beautiful woman. “one room, a bald Han greedy eyes flashing with color, shade Cece chuckled.
“Yes, the woman can be really beautiful, ah, this life I have not seen a woman so beautiful, we must get their hands on, if we can play on one night, even if I live two years less, and I willingly ah!” Another face with a hideous scar Han, white teeth glowing chill, eyes emerge more kinky. extravagant color.
“Brother, I’m afraid we can not get the woman hand, but the main fact most hi sex, I am afraid that we are brothers drank soup less ah!” where a young face with a trace of fear, whispered.
bald indifference Han said: “Let the woman aspirations, if not the main fact really let us drink the soup, then let him backwards so what this years, we go through fire for him to sacrifice their lives, but large? The money will allow him to get up, we can only eat the rest. etc. we successfully host brothers bliss when in trouble with, along with meat mouth, big mouth and drink together. “
“Well, first off it’s a big-sized scar, there is a saying how to say: seek wealth and risk, to see the main fact will grab our attention to a woman.” Scarface cold voice said .
several other rooms, almost the same topic is also discussed, but they can not have these people so bold, even thinking about defection. But at this moment, in their eyes, the room was being monitored and a woman, this time seems to become their lamb to be slaughtered.
Wolf Gang, from the

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Brings up not-San, I pulled another one went up the mountain troops. “

Liu shouted: “Fan Kuai, sit down!” and Chen Sheng said:. “Today’s deliberations but great things, we allow you in this nonsense.”

Fan Kuai Lengzheng a moment, he finally sat down angrily.

Pei people over in fear of the night, until dawn, there is a bold man peek out, found out that the county government is actually sitting Liu are no small surprise. Liu has always been removed from the marketplace, Pei people also fear him, and gradually all around the outside of the county government played a lively look.

Xiao pawns will make to the county bigwigs foes. These people do not know what happened, one endless horror. Listen to their elected candidate material was not a good thing, weeping away to let you push me, the ultimate potential of the smaller home nine people pushed out, like a slaughtered lamb standing in the classroom,canada goose jackets, and Liu together make up just ten people.

Xiao ten names will be written one on top of the cloth, and then twine tight group, before being placed in bamboo incense table. Burning incense offering to heaven has been completed, we ask them to cast lots. The nine people push push crowded, but it is also in the top one refused.

Xiao He smiled, and said: “Third Brother, then you come on, brings up no matter who it is that we recognize only destiny is.”

Liu did not decline at the moment, stepped forward a few steps, knelt in prayer before the incense table again, this hand to take over bamboo, shaking up and down the next number, reaching into the group brings up a cloth.


I sat in a small hall after Ya, recently turned the county and from the instruments. Fresh from time to time over the trial of some lobby informed of the situation, Liu came to hear cast lots, and I smiled and said: “eat it, you cast lots to be completed, immediately take it to the bamboo.”

eat their trial should be a cry, turned out. After a long while, just come back, and she took a bamboo hands, and said: “Liu Ye’s what he brings up his name, Mr. Shaw Road, which was the fate of the return, and everybody acclaimed Liu Ye is covering up, now is the former Hall pledging it. “

I nodded, reaching to take over bamboo, cloth to remove a group, looked open, still group back, and handed the trial eat its way: “to get the kitchen burned.”

eat their trial took the bamboo, but said:. “When I had just taken bamboo,canada goose outlet, is Mr. Shaw saw, he asked me to Miss Xie Xie”

I smiled lightly, Hsin Tao, Xiao He in the end is a smart guy. Look at the trial eat its way: “eat its, do you remember that year in Xianyang by a friend Lee?” Trial and eat it froze for a moment, nodded. I turned the table instruments, said, “The original Wu Guang’s death has his copy of it?”

eat their trial did not speak, but I knew he was in fact listened, then said:. “I also looked at these exchanges instruments by the army newspaper know now 任三川 Lee County prefect, Wu Guang Ying Yang leading the attack, He rates 秦军坚 keep a dozen days, this makes WuAn loss of soldiers off, and finally to the Ministry Tian Zang killed, “I sighed,cheap canada goose, and said:.” eat it, can not say what day, you and he will be in meet the battlefield. “

trial eat its silent, slightly bent about the body, said:. “Miss, I’m out.”

I Enliaoyisheng, and glanced at his hands bamboo, said: “I do not burn to be seen.”
he uttered quietly back out.
Liu was crowned as the motive, the four counties who have to vote, the number would rise to more than a thousand days, he and Xiao et al Bingbei whole grain, too busy. And I still most of the time just to stay Neiya, read a message sent around again Tuning Tuning take back from Mount Dangshan three children.

Liu Hongyu and also fat, Xiuer, wishful back together the Pei, but still stay on Mount Dangshan with hundreds of pawns, that place easily defensible, spent huge construction effort, it is a pity that once discarded .
In fact, Liu
situation now is not good, that is covering up, saying that men have a thousand men, in fact, apart from that, I trained four hundred cavalry, the rest of the people are only just put down the hoe farmers simply can not combat-ready . Can not fight the battle, but it is to eat, the light of which three thousand people would worry about the bad forage Xiao. Make bricks without straw, Xiao longer competent, but also a mortal, not a lot of change to feed the appetite is not small forage pawns.

my four hundred cavalry fairly good, because at my insistence not been broken up and reorganization, remains a separate army, so I eat subsidized special treatment, but gradually its 余兵卒 meals daily from two dry, becomes a thousand a dilute, dilute the last only a day. Enough to eat, naturally complain, even though I determined also unable to feed four hundred individuals say, anyway bodyguard insisted there, the more troubled business is more prosperous, and thus also afford. Hey thousand people is a terrible thing. Not a few days, I have been for many years Laodi they can not be eaten.

Then, after the original savings Pei forage exhausted, Liu caught covering up an economic crisis and a crisis of confidence.


Xiao to borrow money to me when I was holding Ruyi Xiuer teach writing. Looked at him Qiqiyiai, an embarrassed to say look, guess guessed his purpose in coming.

since Xiao knew I was positive Escort master, he would know that I am very rich. After forage exhausted, pioneering the idea of ​​financial resources would hit my head, presumably in advance and Liu also muttering over. But Liu since married that day, for me they did not dare to intervene in the economy out of an estimated more embarrassed openings at this time and my wife to borrow money on egg Xiao person to tell me that the moment I can not expect Xiao split face, obediently dig money out.

I sighed, looked at Xiao said: “? Shaw Brothers, you how much.”

Xiao’s face actually red for a moment, and said: “About five thousand also consistent, it should be enough for this purpose three thousand people in January.”

“after January it?” I asked.

Xiao He hesitated a moment, and said:. “when there should be another way.”

I shook my head and said: “Shaw Brothers, you have not heard a word?”

“what if?”

“rebel not a dinner party!” authentic me bluntly: “I know you now have respect for my husband as a motive, like the fact justifiably bones, who does not know he is still a Lacaoweikou robber robbers since it is on. The robbers do the right thing, and that is not always the possessor of three thousand people to play, to eat on the price. did not forage, and went to have a place to go for forage, no money, went to where the money is rob I know Shaw Brothers or literary temperament, suited to this gangster life, but in the end is that you guys do, I should not need to worry about this woman has it. “

I seldom so much in front of Xiao breath, his face turned red and white, white and red, and finally stood up, a little embarrassed authentic: “Yes, Xiaomou know, leave, leave.” he finished, turned and walked out hastily.

] [thirty-four Chapter pros and cons

unarmed peasants, to revolt, to rebel, what is the first thing to do is?

naturally robbery. Grab official, grab big, sometimes people grab grab grab money and weapons to rice, one to let yourself live, two to strengthen their power. Has been difficult to shake the strong forces of time, will quit, take off the robber’s pants, put on an era of mainstream orthodox coat.

motive Liu now only be considered a little robber only, do not rush, how to live?

Xiao gradually adapt themselves to the robber Jun Li identity transition from military advisor to begin planning matters robbery, four 周秦兵 forces target is naturally weaker counties.
much manpower strength is weak, but fortunately Fan Kuai, Jaap infants are rare Reggie, plus Qin moment around people wanted change, mostly 秦兵士 soldier who labor does not contribute defensively, just two months, they have been captured, had a Feng Yi, Hu Ling, Kang father, square and other places. Especially Feng Yi, a famous big barn near the proceeds of this county Liu is currently only able to supply all the troops to eat for six months. Army morale, but also expanded from three thousand to five thousand people.

visible, robbery, it is the right way for the robbers.

this time, I have been staying Pei. Liu Lu put out before the robbery York and stayed five hundred pawns, for defensive purposes. That four hundred cavalry still follow me, cavalry storming the arms of the most poorly, if used siege, simply ravaging better to stay, to prepare for contingencies.

Liu gone, I unceremoniously took Lu York’s right, the training and command of that trial handed five hundred pawns of their food and Gegelvze hands. Lu York this child, the character is not bad, but patience hydroplaning timid, not really a talent. That five hundred pawns in his hands is absolutely wasteful, and their trust in him, might as well choose to trust the trial has followed me eat it.

York and Lu also dared say anything, timid is his Achilles heel, enough to make me eat given him.

I do not like to live in the county government, but because the original has been destroyed live in a big house, he had moved back to her parents home. Fortunately, the parents’ home is not far from the county government, I can easily daily dealings between the home and in the workplace, it seems that I fell back a little on the workers feel. And because the expedition Fan Kuai, producing just a few months younger sister Lu must also moved back. In addition to brother far away in Xianyang, over the years, the family rare cobble together.

In this troubled background, our family together because of this rare feel extra warmth and joy.


While the current expansion of the forces of Liu Bang is more smooth, but received various messages of self-view, but it is now up from Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising, the first low tide of the battle against Qin.

Sheng also died, the driver died in the hands of an unknown Jia Zhuang.

Ministry since Wu Guang Tian Zang was killed, although forced to appoint Tian Sheng Zang command of the army, but the road is still in the army shortly after the war defeat Ao positions. Zang Tian Qin general Zhang Han killed, Lee returned, the solution of the Wai Ying Yang, Wang Chen Cheng-sheng almost equal to the county town. Sheng Zaibai battles, all the way to the collapse of the parent Surabaya City County, in the city of war is the father of the driver Jia Zhuang sword from behind the assassination.

like a meteor in general, instantly draw bright night, but at the moment imminent demise.
After the death of
Sheng, Zhang Chu generals, who after Qin 嘉拥立 Koryo door of King’s Chu Chu Jing Ju false king, the garrison at Pengcheng East. But its potential can only protect themselves only, do not reuse old swept the world of prestige.

Chen Sheng and Wu Guang is bound to be defeated. Although I know, but really read these messages on bamboo, still can not help my heart heavy.

This is not a history, but I live in the era.

Shortly thereafter, I again read a familiar name in the message slips in – Xiang Liang.

generals Zhang Chu Sheng Wang Zhiming Zhao Ping Jiao Chu Feng Xiang Liang Zhu Guo, Xiang Liang rate of eight thousand children then spent the Huaihe River, now marching forward Pi.

Chu items! A once let Chi-ism name finally rang again in the Central Plains.

occupied since Liu Feng Yi, he and Fan Kuai, Bo Zhou, Yong Chi Feng Yi has been left in the whole army, because the continuous campaign, more than pawns have Pibi damage, plus constantly adding new manpower, really need some time to repair.

time his forces have been gradually impressive, well-off a few high-Door County, for the sake of self-preservation, have sent contact with Liu Bang, and some provide forage, and some offer money, as well, and simply gave their flowery Siyu daughter.

This is something I did not come from the news of Feng Yi Chuan see, sister Lu is subject to anti-intentionally or unintentionally put the point a bit, she must have been the sources refused to leave Liu Fan Kuai.

Lu is required that day for his son Fan Kang sewing Xiaoyi, a few stitches pause, and stop for a few stitches, eyes glance at me, like to say do not dare look. I was impatient to see some of her, put his hand Letters, said: “What would say, anyway, then you grew wait any longer.”

“. uh, possessed nothing,” Lu must dodge some eyes, bowed his head stitches, like authentic to himself: “Feng Yi brother in there for some time, right.”

I Enliaoyisheng, waiting for her below.

“That …… the couple separated for too long is not always good,” Lu must head down the side of the needle side and said:. “or a letter called him come back.”

“You do not have to separate and Fan Kuai so long.” My authentic touch.

“Fan Kuai and how her husband, as he is not covering up, and no one to send to him what a pretty girl.” Lu must blurted out, finished just feel indiscretions, staring at a pair of eyes looking at me round yo.

“how like you know something I do not know what ah.” I looked at her faint smile.

Lu must startled for a moment, biting Yaochun, said: “That I can tell you …… sister, Fan Kuai Shaohui’s message, saying that there is an abundance of Wang Yi county of rich families, a few days ago asked people matchmaking, said his daughter should marry her husband. matchmaker that led the family actually also let his daughter go to the brother went to live in the county government, that is to allow her husband to see for real. “Lu shall paused , then said, “Fan Kuai also renowned for, and that is enough to look really nice.”

“Oh, but it is a small thing, to see so that you uneasy.” I smiled, faint authentic: “farming overcharged a few bear thinking about buying food to marry small, not to mention he is now covering up the accounting a huge site, remarried thirty-five wife anything strange. “

Lu shall look at me, see me calmly picked up the letters, just stared for a long while, talent and said:. “then you are good-natured, if I’m on the outside, Fan Kuai chaos, to see how I deal with him.” When he finished, pack up needle and thread, a twisting went out.


a nice day, suddenly there came an emergency army newspaper, Qin Si Chuan Xue Ping county prison, surrounded by the rate of five thousand Qin Feng Yi, Feng Yi want to capture alive LIU Ji Gong to the court, please. Liu Although at the moment there are five thousand pawns, but since had been to around guarding, Feng Yi was in town, leaving only a mere two thousand people, although not able to hold Feng Yi, but would like to break away but it is totally unacceptable.

trial to see me eat it after reading the army newspaper, Fang said: “Today, in addition to covering up Pei left five hundred people, and recently recruited a thousand people, has been more than a month of training, coupled with our four hundred cavalry , barely Couchu 1,400, though not a battle grams, but if suddenly launched, both inside and outside echoed siege should be possible. “

“Who says I want to send troops to the rescue?” I saw it a fresh trial will be in the hands of the army newspaper thrown on the table, “do not go! him die.”

night, Xiao He hurriedly ran over, met, always pay attention to etiquette, he also refused to salute, and urgent: “Sansao, covering up now trapped Feng Yi, internal and external message sever, few others I’m afraid Major stays less than 35 days we went to rescue the soldiers is sent as soon as possible. “

I smiled and said: “Shaw Brothers, Did not want to save it, but you know, people Pei on this point, but these are some of the recruits have not fought, I’m afraid we have to send troops to go, Anti Xue Ping point reinforcements in the interest-Wai, until then husband really is not a way out. “

Xiao He froze for a moment: “reinforcements around point?”

I patiently explained to him that future generations of military terms: “is the first use of troops to surround a city, the team then laid a trap to come to the rescue of an eaten, after eating, eat stuffing buns in town By the way, ‘weird days’ buns you eat it, buns stuffing is in

Aug 11

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Device, but the main role is defense, poly spirit and stealth, speed is only ordinary lords level, there is no speed armor after she did not fast, comparable to where the fire eye Beamon?

light flashing, kung fu several breathing fire sunny Beamon has been caught up!

“perverted lord, do you think we are fools great lords it? want to run away with the sites, nor ask my answers do not agree! Today is your death!” loud shout, fire sunny Beamon, who went to the pride of the wind Storm line in front of the house, followed, is severely punched, hit the situation your family!

“Rumble!” body in the house situation, I just felt a burst of four large earthquakes,canada goose outlet, like the entire mansion was like an earthquake, so they are almost staggering.

“awful brute force ah!”
mansion, the four winds while proud surprised, you know the situation, but the government lords treasure, generally strong level of lords mansion Where can stir a dime? This is not a situation the government enchantment shock rupture, but the enchantment and shaking his fist force of the collision caused.

equally tough against rampant fire flesh Warcraft sunny Beamon, compared Ya Sesi terrorist fist force too much, although the situation can not afford to break the government’s defense, but he turned out to be a fist with the direction the government will be able to move forward to change the situation , a boxing official residence setback get back!

positive welcome a strike, and his proud wind unwilling to directly reload, fly to quickly manipulate the mansion dense thickets in the past, of course, she thought with a hidden forest vegetation government live situation, the fire sunny Beamon absolutely penetrating eyes, no matter how hidden hide nothing, just want a little forest of trees could hinder his actions.

however proud of the wind was not able to achieve the intended flight speed of impact and the government’s situation is not as esoteric level of fire chaos sunny Beamon, just channeling the past, fire sunny Beamon is a huge fist blow fly strike from the top down !

“where to go!”

With this road roar, the entire mansion again, “Boom!” burst of strong vibration!

fire sunny Beamon proud about Qiaochu wind’s mind, full of trees near overhead blow this place trying to shift a full bombers fly! That power is like a bomb like boxing, directly blasted a huge crater within a radius of ten feet, while the situation the government, it was his Zheyi to the bombers to the bottom center of the circular pit, into the ground!

“not out of it? Then I’ll hit you out!” red eyes looked round pit, fire domain Beamon grinned, clenched fists fly again washed down.

“bang! bang! bang! ……” continuous bombardment came from above, the situation in West palace waves shake shake, constantly sinking the mansion, four Touyunnaozhang proud of wind, mansion enchantment not broken, they The eardrum is about to be ripped down.

“damn Beamon, too brutal, right!” proud Wind repeated setbacks, can not help but angrily cursing up

since the government has the situation since, she has always relied on the situation it can almost always invisible government, did not expect to actually one day be a smelly monkey eyes to see through, shaken Western swing back playing, it feels too makes Wohuo the!

proud of wind here well done, but do not know at this time the fire is also very depressed Beamon Mostly, I did not expect so proud of wind mansion actually strong, like a thousand veterans like turtle shells, a dozen punches after little enchantment broken traces are not, in his esoteric level of chaos on the attack actually no way, most likely lords jewels.

“had wanted to take credit,canada goose jackets, but also did not realize the trouble to personally adults, baby brats who have too much of it.” Take Lord Bao’s defense is no way to stop the fire had eyes Beamon down from space ring Remove the communications array, the forest great lords sent ridiculed interest.

see this scene in the Storm House, eager face Qinshuang authentic: “proud of the wind, not so down, we were stopped here, He also great lords for help, while also finding that the three great lords come in trouble ! fire sunny Beamon is not broken lords mansion jewels defense level attacks can be great lords, you can not stop this house, ah! “Listen to the tide Court Vince% * word version

lords jewels, even though tough, is not really no firm does not break.

Qin Shuo also lords mansion jewels, so Qinshuang know about Lord Bao’s efforts bear.

general lords, the situation is absolutely not open detonation government, nor even the lord peak, but esoteric breaking the military-grade super strong, continuous dozen under attack beat down, Lord Bao’s defense will be shaken, but also great lords There transformed into silver-gray power of the soul, but the non-lords jewels can block, she says.

proud wind certainly understand this truth, act decisively to eyebrow and said:! ‘me out while I comprehend esoteric as his, but I’m still fighting wing acceleration and speed boots,cheap canada goose, escape should be no problem, here, a hundred miles away from the city has some distance, do not pass ridiculed and great lords array can not communicate with him as long as do not be afraid to go long. “

messaging platform messaging Lingzhu not fire sunny Beamon impossible carrying so much a messaging platform kill proud of the wind, but not stopped messaging platform also can not send ridiculed interest, and once stopped, the wind speed is very proud to He quickly ran out of the scope of investigation can.

time constraints, do not hesitate proud of the wind, quickly called out small nine Imperial Armor armor, flash stature disappeared in the air.

adult silver horn hydra imperial coercion strong armor of strength and 曼沙诺 after almost the same, but there are kings Eudemons skills, strength just entering the small nine lords better than Man Shanuo, but armor it is still better to use a small nine.

“proud of the wind, we must be careful ah!” Barry Qing Xiao trio know they can not help out too much help, only told one, stared at the mansion inside.

fire Beamon is sunny and great lords pass the message, I suddenly felt the immediate shadow flash, a body with a gorgeous black battle armor, fine young man with a white face mask suddenly appeared in front of him, from her, an extremely powerful Warcraft coercion to force over so the fire sunny meal Beamon body tremble action.

kings level of coercion, suddenly fell, the effect of surprise.

take advantage of this opportunity, proud of the wind quickly flew to the far Shanlue out!

fire sunny Beamon in the end is the practice of tens of thousands of years of strong, fast response, just Lengzheng, they quickly recovered, seeing the proud wind feicuan escape the situation on the ground by her government also gave away , could not help but burst of rage, the first step fiercely Yi Deng ground, shouted: “? brats, you think to you that the entry-level speed esoteric they may be able to escape from under my eyelids do.”

“Boom!!” to a ring, vibrate the air while depressed, leaving a deep footprint on the ground, like a cannonball bald Han, “Sou” shot over!

proud of wind just fly out of meters, I heard the sound of roaring sound behind him, hearts earthquake: “Good fast!”

in the situation where the government does not think, personally felt a huge sense of oppression increasingly approaching, only to find themselves proud wind speed is far better than the fire Mostly Beamon!
This is the esoteric level of chaos
speed it? That nuanced level, breaking the military stronger level into what …… “
crisis, proud of the wind but did not panic, dark eye bottom burst Bi extremely bright light, single Shouyi Zhao, thrown spear, pushed the power of the soul cast the soul of Dan, also gave sharp high drinking Behind frantically toward hit a record Overlord gun tactic moves 11 “Tigers turned around!.”

square foot to the left arc buckle step down on the inside of the left ankle, feet axis, body whirled, Yinqiang argument with absolute strength and duo Lee, like snakes behind a camel to fire sunny than Mongolian biting past!

This marksmanship similar to the “backstroke” This tactic is quite frightening power, wind blow proud abnormal accurate track of time, just punch the fire eye Beamon shot, no time when the potential of the closing, one person, one animal so severely hit together!

mountains among a flurry of tremors sound amazing! Then the roar is heard Tonghu earth thunderous, birds startled!

a silhouette whipped in a split quickly back out, then fled out Pinmingdexiang the north, behind the figure the wake of that road chase past the mouth of anger Polar growled:! “bastard I will kill You! “

is certainly proud of the man in front of the wind, and fire is a natural behind the sunny Beamon.

sunny Beamon fire at this time is quite embarrassed, he never imagined, proud of his wind is not actually targeting vital, but fiercely against his thigh a bar down!

fire Beamon’s eyes open on the right thigh huge holes, bloody, looks very scary, although not fatal injuries on the body, but short-lived fad is not easy repaired, greatly affected his speed that he was proud to be faster than a big slice of the wind, and now they can barely keep up with her, no way to catching up.

course, the wind is proud moments, she was almost hard to endure this fire Mostly Beamon punch, this hurt him, to win the opportunity and time to escape. Punch hard to endure down, proud of the wind burst blood churn stars, fortunately reshape her body after lightning had far more than ordinary tough anti amazing ability to fight, if not so, you can just let her steal sheep Zheyi the walk.

this fight, proud of the wind has to understand that he is definitely not the fire Mostly Beamon opponents, this is the real lord strong peak ah! To list those who lack Hooray, simply do not comprehend the true meaning of esoteric wonder HICHANCE look great lords, who are they not see that he did not even rock a qualified make great lords face!

“escape! hurried escape!” proud of the wind did not dare to look back, seeking only to fly forward Shanlue general, the same trick can not be used on real strong second, the next sunny temper absolutely Beamon will not be caught, and again this sunny Beamon catch fire, it is really finished!

reading novels – with speed, more secure! –

situation becomes first chapter [III]

the first beat to death a little strong

East has exposed gray dawn, the forest of the night is already in the past.
ancient forests
flat day in the mountains, a former two figure is still a rapid rush off after the two lords of the atmosphere is very strong, the general met with Lord of Warcraft, will go far to dodge open.

“That damn guy, still being chased! Xianlei Well he does not?” in front of that road black figure looked around, some angrily muttered.

have a whole evening!

from out of town last night, this morning, the two actually drive out thousands of miles on their way road, a run a chase, who did not dare to stop, so a stalemate here.

proud of wind speed did not fire eye Beamon fast, but people are generally accounted for escape opportunities, you can change direction, circle, etc. so that people have some hesitation behind, sometimes suddenly turn off, fire eye naturally Beamon talk on the brakes, wasting a lot of time, but the fire eye Beamon also wounded in the leg, of course, could not catch her.

one last night, however, the fire sunny Beamon’s almost good leg, so he is completely healed after, once again displaying speed esoteric, he will definitely catch up!

“brats, wait a minute, I’d like to see how you can run! I want to beat you into the meatloaf!” Fire Clear Beamon hold fire roar came from behind, watching a leg has healed most of the holes, and his heart is very anxious, whatever the outcome of the tens of thousands of years to live strong, chasing an esoteric entry-level kid has chased for so long, it is too shame!

“waiting for you to catch up with the words I say.” proud wind Leng Heng, also in front of the distant shouted.

Having said that, the wind is still some wits proud feeling.

Royal Armor armor boots plus accelerated after fighting wing, has always been smooth sailing, but still can not esoteric chaos strong level opponent, which is proud of how the wind did not think of. In fact, after the learned esoteric classification, then careful thought, not difficult to understand, in order to combat these two partially leveled armor is not difficult and esoteric chaos gap between esoteric entry, you can most importantly, proud of the strength of the wind itself ! She was just an ordinary swords lords, and the fire is genuine eye Beamon lord strong peak!

which huge difference between the two levels, how can easily get even?

“since it seems not too dependent mansion, mansion stealth capability is convenient, can be detected once, some way to stop living, is the right way to enhance the strength ah! this time I wish I had the strength to get rid of this first direct smelting Beamon When the tonic like to Ya Sesi, how can so stuck! “proud heart wind angrily thinking, there are some secretly introspection.

have to say, after she came to the Northern Territory too have nothing to fear, yet under the power shortage, which relies once things to be identified, it will bring very serious consequences!

Barry Gate war she steal the show, can be said to be a war fame moving world, it is also likely to cause complacency, this time encountered such a kill, just let the proud wind down adjustment over.

twenty-two third place standings really beautiful, but the face of a large forest lord of lords given them free to a peak figure, she was helpless, so beaten a hasty retreat, not necessarily spared out, It felt so proud of their lack of wind again on the strength, thus have greater momentum.
Northern Territory’s big
, can not be estimated, much stronger, like stars in the sky, at a certain age who perhaps she was looking up, surprising, however, reside in the real master level, but still nothing!

just thought of this, the wind felt proud eyes like fire behind Beamon faster speed, and a man from a beast between the slips quickly pulled into the fire sunny Beamon Quanfeng swoop over again! His leg is already completely healed!

“Damn!” proud wind gritted his teeth, but also had to turn around and fired a desperation shot, but fire sunny Beamon but will not be fooled this time, I saw his body across an arc, cleverly flash opened a proud air attack, then launched into a punch, attack again!
At this point the wind shot
proud uncollected, no time back on defense, only stared at it almost can play four air sink fist hard to fall wolf himself! She just felt stomach sank, “Bang!” Slamming it went flying out ……

fire eye Beamon psychology can be fun at this time of the! Chase a night of anger all the blame seems to be completely out, wait for the sky and laugh three times, brats, I finally ate solidly punch! Finally I gave was killed!

cool, very cool! Too cool!

can not wait for him to cool enough, the fire suddenly saw sunny Beamon, that distant land where a shadow suddenly jumped up! Then continue north toward rapid and flee!

uh. “

fire eye Beamon mercilessly surprised!

how that figure seems a bit familiar? Yes! It is just that there is not falling down brats place?

concept of God swept fire sunny Beamon discovered there simply is no corpse, that guy just jumped up, definitely is proud of the wind ah!

fire eye Beamon also gave so much foot Yi Deng rushed to catch up to the rapid development speed esoteric, distant figure that has become a small black spot, if then slow some, I’m afraid he would emerge sensing range . Listen to the tide * Court – Vince% word version

“really her! …… this guy actually did it die? how this might be ……” proud of the wind in front of seeing the familiar figure, staring Beamon fire sunny, very aghast to think.

just that punch and power of the previous trick is quite different, but played solidly ah! But which also contains the speed and attack esoteric esoteric two esoteric overlay is that it has defense esoteric esoteric level Lords of Chaos also going Xianyan Wang, hard to endure this kid down, actually seems nothing like kicking people, but also to climb up and ran, too weird, right!

actually mention him, and he felt very proud of wind surprised, I did not expect to suffer a fire belly hard punch Beamon eye, in addition to being beaten outside a little dizziness and pain, but still there is no harm to the body of the soul of Dan!

Lord Bao’s dressed in combat gear, red

Aug 11

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Meng and Wang line really see everyone dined, they just rush to eat a few. The students did a day like “workaholic” like, six o’clock in the evening,cheap canada goose, when more than two thousand species of trees all over.
Meng really did not think these students are so talented, to be reserved for the nursery over five hundred species of trees are also finished. Emerging hill planted over sixteen hundred trees, mountains and replant the original more than six trees, one day down two mountains are planted too full.
“Well,canada goose outlet, call it a day!”
Meng really greeted everyone on the bus, Wang line drove out of the estate, estimated earlier work did not find Dajiadoumang manor strange, and so retired and sit there might find something wrong, they may not want to risk.
bus out of the cove, really come up with Wang Meng Fang Ming Line and booklet were recorded, of which a detailed record of the group total number of trees planted, how much wages booklet on the issue. Meng did not really vague, and students to finish off, and then come up with the bag, take out a cash hit a smashing start for everyone to send money.
“Oh, now is not late, and today we have done very hard, Sister host, let’s go with front,canada goose jackets, right?”
“Hey, do not it, Sister, we have contented day can earn money, how can I also lets you treat it?”
“is that, one day earn more than four hundred live not tired, is simply a dream will be some good that way. Sister today, too late, we will not bother you to it!”
wallets a lot of students are very satisfied, other students in the class they want to go to work, earn a hundred a day are paid, and which, like his own way, too cool!
“also, you also tiring today, or so someday you come to Villa bar, free food and drink play a day on when Sister Thank you for your hard work!”
“okay, Oh, I heard that you have a lot of the amusement park thrill ride it is from the ‘Infante’ learned?!”
“Hey, Sister said, and counts Oh!”
“Haha, so happy, I heard that there can dig sapphire?!”
Suddenly, the car a laughing tone.
next day, Na Zhao Meng really received a phone call that Chiang was a teacher who wanted to see her.
Meng really had expected, Nana said, the Jiang teacher more responsible, he wanted to drive the total cooperation and not because of personal friendship, but from the interests of the unit. Since the cultivation of fruit Guanyin must have her help, Jiang teacher certainly will not take risks, at least talk face to face.
appointment time, Meng really have done preparatory work. Three o’clock in the afternoon, she came to the last at the agreed time to institute.
conference room, in addition to Zhao Na, there are two strange men are like forty or so. Na Zhao sat beside the black-rimmed glasses, bald on top and some people Daoman spirit Chiang Meng really guess this is the teacher; him a man, brown fat face some Hengrou, while wearing a suit, But the bones of barbarism is Yancangbuzhu, he heard his name should be the only person in the process but not its gross, right? !
Na Zhao Meng really come to see, got busy, the “Teacher Jiang, who is chairman of the company’s Neverland Miss Meng Zhen, also my college friends; Meng Zhen, who is in charge of the project Guanyin fruit Jiang teacher, The no stranger to you, the way he is double top overall! “
Meng true though, and the process is always the holidays, but after PK had no face to face, that some etiquette or want. Her mouth smile, respectively, and they shook hands.
“Ms. Meng, we present here is not an outsider, you are vice president Zhao friend, my hair is always a small way, I have nothing to say they will not polite to say anything,” Jiang teacher pushing glasses, from the side Remove a plastic bag, the bag is some black soil, “Oh, this I believe you are not familiar with it, which is our staff at Guanyin fruit to take soil samples have been tested and we found that there are a special kind of substance, It can improve soil quality, and promote plant growth, and before you get to the garden soil samples in the same regard, you can explain it to us? “
“may,” Meng really smiled, did not pick up plastic bags, “This is my kind of manure deployment, is then excavated from the pond, pond scum configuration. use of this fertilizer, on the one hand You can land in the middle and pesticide residues, on the other hand can effectively promote plant growth and optimize the quality of the plant. “
“if it is true, the world is there such a manure?”
overall look of disapproval process, he said with great difficulty moving childhood friend of the pharmaceutical right to him, and helped him win Zhoujiazhuang side development plans. If you really have such a hands Meng really killer, estimated his efforts over a period of time, all in vain.
“Oh, the world has such a magical fruit fruit Guanyin, how you can not have such manure it? process overall, you are informed, you should also know that today’s world, there are many human mysteries Yeah. “
really cool Meng said.
“You ……”
“Well, this manure is how to configure it?”
Chiang busy teacher interrupted the process overall, then asked, curious.
Meng really did not speak, just gently shook his head.
“Oh, Oh, also, this is the secret of your business,” Jiang teacher found himself asked a white problem, people really kind of dish Meng also sell high-priced hotels do, how will easily put “manure” The recipe say? !
“However, the Goddess of Mercy fruit is works good things, we should strive to foster and made as soon as the drug is used to heal the sick ……”
“Jiang teacher, I support you, Goddess of fruit that I had donated to the Academy. Academy and I said to establish a base in the mountains, I said nothing is very straightforward promise, and the already flowering The home fruit trees are transplanted open for planting fruit trees Guanyin Later, Academy gave me funding, I’m afraid not deserve, they quietly add fertilizer to fruit trees, Oh, I think if I had not added fertilizers played a role, if not so soon Guanyin breeding success, right?! “
Meng did not really polite, she is not a selfish person, though it was donated fruit trees in order to throw off the burden, but it was not without other cast it another way.
“Oh, I know, I know,” Teacher Jiang Shan Xiaozhao, see Meng really put words leak, they do not want to beat about the bush, “that if I give two Guanyin fruit, you can guarantee the successful cultivation of it?”
“uh, um, we’ll dedication do -”
“I can assure you!”
two people’s attitude says it all, although Chiang teachers want to save money, but do not dare cross Guanyin fruit adventure. Na Zhao said it right, and now the most important thing is to make as soon as Guanyin fruit cultivation area, good for the future of the pharmaceutical provide adequate supply. As for bonus points to her what, compared to Guanyin fruit magic brought a big moneymaker, what is it worth it.
“yo, Ms. Meng but to fortune it!” After
know the results, the overall process is very ugly face: a broken Zhoujiazhuang he did not look in the eyes of fruit Guanyin opportunity slip away from the hands of the pharmaceutical bouts Routeng him, the words that naturally will not be too nice. .
“Oh, I’m really not a greedy person Meng Chiang in front of the teacher’s face, I promise: Guanyin fruit pharmaceutical successful, the resulting bonus points I do not, I set up all the classified ‘dream really fund’ for rescue of coverage of critically ill patients in the community and abandoned babies! “

happy days one hundredth chapter ranch plan (a)
“Barbara, you really mean it?”
After the meeting, the signing of the contract Na Zhao Meng really pulled their own office, she asked seriously.
“? What are you really saying that I was going to donate the money to do it,” Meng really sat down on the couch, put the contract into his bag and smiled and said:. “Nana is certainly true, You do not know it is not in our national health care system is not so perfect, if someone suffering from a serious illness of a family, almost every dire situation faced ruin my size is now a rich man, how it can be heartless. “
Another point Neverland after all, is a gift of God, she can not let everyone enjoy the magic of the manor, but it can help disguise some of the difficulties families in the community. Well not to say that old saying, good turn deserves another. Although it is known manor no longer disappear, but do good, the good of her, is also good for the family.
“No, I mean you must be able to breed guarantee Guanyin fruit thing.”
Na Zhao white at her, herself and her four-year university students do not know her? Bangladesh has always been really good talk, soft-hearted, often called the school gate to the Springs to see some of the children of poor parents lost luggage, and some knees and begged not afford school fees at the door to help students living deceived. You know that a lot of those people are liars, face people’s tears and pleading, she also took out his work earned living expenses, let alone enough money now to help those who really need help families.
Meng really just boldly said “guaranteed bred Guanyin fruit”, Na Zhao began to worry about her, how such a thing could be so absolute it, her hand on the set is the “manure”, which links to case out flaws, delays Guanyin fruit pharmaceuticals, according to the contract, the sum of a lot of money, but really Meng ah.
anything in the world there is no absolute, Meng really how dare such a guarantee it, “Barbara, you think again, if you want to change your mind too late!”
“Oh, ah, do not worry, no problem!”
Meng really shocked, anxious to see the eyes of Zhao Na, moving said.
Na Zhao suddenly found his friend changed a lot, before she has so little confidence in the side.
“Blessings,” Meng true nod yesterday from the manor dug Guanyin fruit, and today she and Wang have been transplanted to the nursery row laboratory, but also specifically seen her come before these trees adapt well, if not unexpected then, after a month can bloom, face friends worried that she was very happy, because together far more than previously, the relationship between her and Chen Xue and Zhao Na Ya-nan is not as deep, along a few days after this, She discovered that Zhao Na Na Zhao or university age, is still one of her best friends.
“Nana, you worry, I will not fight a battle unprepared for the first batch of Guanyin nursery fruit trees I have succeeded, I am not yet acquired a nursery, this nursery is very various laboratory equipment complete, and now these fruit trees have robust growth, estimated to take two months later, I can provide the first batch of Guanyin seedless fruit and red berries! “
“! Oh, so much the better,” Zhao Na see her so confident, they relieved themselves rely on the desk smiled and said: “You do not know, sir, this thing we already knew headquarters, demanding red berries must Pharmaceuticals success, Jiang teacher naturally not the slightest slack, otherwise this thing would not be so quick to make resolutions! “
“Oh, I say!”
Meng really do not have much idea down, Guanyin good fruit, red berries worth mentioning, and so produced is certainly relevant departments, sales will not let her intervene, she could do nothing more than provide raw materials.
“Come on, things finally successful conclusion, and the last said to Tongzai your meal, but was delayed things red berries, and today we are free money, let’s go!”
Zhao Na swept into the drawer of the data, Grab the phone and bag, pulled Mong said.
“Why, why, local tyrants Yeah?! well, do not pull on me!” Meng really passive building she pulled two people on the car really Meng, “called on the snow, and she now The mother quickly shut suffocated! “
Chen Xue’s due date is in October, giving itself into August, she asked her mother would not run around, relieved to be produced at home. Chen Xue is not a person can be free to live, but they can not defy her mother’s good intentions, he secretly Libaituomeng really call home from time to time, said Hill or any emergency at home, away from the things that would be impossible to resolve Chen Xue and Zhao Mom Bangladesh true now or have guilt, not a good split her face, as long as the frequency is not too high, she would relent, so Chen Xue breathe out.
“Well, well!” Na Zhao Chen Xue also knows the status quo, they pick up the phone to call my husband Chen Xue. Meng really drove Na Zhao and Zhao ears heard her mother’s voice chat, “ah, ai, yes, you are assured,” said a full five minutes before hanging up the phone, Na Zhao sighed: “Come, Alas, poor snow.
Where are we going to die, and I see snow appointment Springs Plaza. “
“take you to a good place to die, Oh, so you have to try Shajiao ‘must taste’ Look, over half an hour to give the snow a cell phone, telling her old place to see!”
free meal to eat, Zhao Na of course no comment. Two people drove the shuttle on the road, see some familiar building on the street once, he began to recall things that had never been seen on the university, and after a half an hour, Na Zhao Chen Xue has been estimated that out the door, they give her a call.
“Look, the old place? seems that you often come?”
to universal fitting a new restaurant headquarters, Na Zhao thought just call when the “old place” is the hotel’s name yet, the results came to the door and saw a little dumbfounded restaurant just like paradise: she knows Meng real hair a fortune, you can see the hotel’s decoration and pattern, in which a meal is certainly not cheap, and Chen Xue Meng really confused here called “old place”, which shows the two men did not come on Yeah.
“Yes, Oh, we generally come downtown dinner at the Four Seas restaurant are you off at the door before the snow, I went to the backyard parking!” Views
fact, she is not much to eat downtown, to affirm the universal restaurant every meal into a downtown hotel to eat less than their own, Is there something cheaper someone’s home. Meng really laughing stopped to let Zhao Na down, put your own backyard drove to the parking lot.
so she parked the car and came to the door when the portly Chen Xue and Zhao Na are standing chatting in front waterwheel.
Today’s Cosmopolitan restaurant has set up a headquarters, located in downtown Feng Department district, an area of ​​about three thousand square meters, construction of a water child’s imitation of the Ming and Qing style.
standing on the street can clearly see through the hollow walls, the hotel was surrounded by a four-Chi Qingshui shaped, white walls and black tiles rows of two-story buildings, half on the ground, half on the pond , the huge pond planted willow trees, green willow hanging down low on the water, shore planted with a variety of flowers, the petals wind falling in the pond, which attracted goldfish chase. The pool area is not small, about four to five meters of the way, which installed the rack antique waterwheel. In the machine control, waterwheel turning slowly, little air spray drift, winds were standing outside the hotel you can feel the coolness.
“Ah Meng really, really did not think you or the owner of this hotel Yeah!”
Na Zhao hearts of doubt, just take a taxi came by Chen Xue answered. Originally, this new universal restaurant headquarters, Meng really contributed 20 percent of construction, plus the hotel she needed to provide vegetables, fruits, eggs, pheasant and fish, Meng really share in this headquarters shares of 49%, which is the hotel’s underboss.
“is not really the boss, but shares it.” Meng really embarrassed smile, she did not intervene in the hotel’s operations, considered sort boss Yeah. She turned to Chen Xue asked: “? Liu Jing to call you, and when she went to.”
“Liu Jing say coming,” Chen Xue pregnant woman wearing a bright yellow dress, at the foot of a pair of comfortable flat sandals, hand carrying a straw bag, “This is not the end of the thing, Liu Jing calculated with two work

Aug 11

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Said: “The girl, once married, I heard your brother chose nature as Hello camp guide, character talent and taste..”

Yue Cui Wei voice low, yellow mulberry voice was towering, almost yelled: “surnamed Yue, a Pakistani you marry me quickly say that I marry do not marry, do not none of your business hum?. . “Then, they stormed Huangsang ran out.

Yue Cui Wei looked puzzled and asked: “Queen Goddess, which is how the Mulberry girl today?” pink skirts aside Yanzui laughing, I was also a burst of music, think of it Yue Cui Wei was so emotionally retarded as people.

“Queen, Sang … Yue Cui Wei did not give up the girl he asked.

I pretended cough twice, said: “Mr. Yue, please do not call me the queen, queen someone else, surely you already know something about the king asked,canada goose outlet, and so this battle is finished, will be Huangsang back. Palace,cheap canada goose, after all, she is Xiayue Guo princess. “

pink skirts that girl was in the side and asked: “Mr. Yue heard earlier name, but I do not know Mr. Yue also see the doctor.”

Yue Cui Wei said shyly: “visits is to deceive the public, under just come back, they had to fraudulent use of the name of the micro-budding physician Yue.” Then he stared at me, “Hey,” a cry.

I subconsciously touch the face, he handed over a gift to my line, and then prayed and said:. “Queen of Soul has homing sense, spiritual power is abundant, please save Her Majesty the Queen in any case, his assistant.”

I was surprised and said: “? Hey, you know I had to homing”

“Queen UFA suffused with plenty of spiritual power, a little blue. therefore under the bold speculation.”

I waved and said:. “? Mr. Yue was not to mention the Queen of the word, or call me Miss Yu say you talk to the emperor for so long, I do not know what his mettle.”

Yue Cui Wei suddenly looked up, a look of surprise, after a moment, he said:. “under the master set does not know defeat, but the owner rival too, really so little for his allies, Yue Cui Wei was made in this times. “

“ah, Mr. Yue what circumstances should report it, make haste to say, I also want to take a break.” I look Xiayue Ling, and then go on to say, that guy is still hungry an hour less.

Yue Cui Wei undaunted, watching pink skirts. Pink Couture was very good grace to ask: “Miss is in the rest, but also to do to camp?”

“in this bar, you are going to give me to move some bedding.” I said, pink skirts have been enough to allow out.

then Yue Cui Wei was a low voice, said: “The day before yesterday, the Majesty sent me to monitor the Spring Lin, Lin confirmed the old man is then distributed to them bleed to death in a sacred tree to Xiayue Guo Jing from the high priest, when His Majesty, the unborn, he His Majesty will be crucial that the force of His Majesty’s married Miss Lin, under think it is a conspiracy., and after 林家军 launching, under the Lin family has Yetan after the family’s house in the forbidden forest, there are close portrait of a woman in a closet Those portraits are all Miss Yu your appearance, but the dress should be a lotus May Queen. “

“Lin Lin months portrait collection What strange,canada goose jackets?”

“can simultaneously Lin family ancestral worship places, there is a curse lotus months of acupuncture dolls worship, say that strange.

under the Lin family feel that this is very strange, fear Majesty and Miss Yu with the road, so just call without His Majesty, without back. “Yue Cui Wei an abject apology to look like.

I waved and said: “You have done well here after a night battle, lest you suffer tie him down, you can not get out of haste now departed, returned to Spring City continue to monitor the Lin family, crashed once here, you lead people to control. Lin family lived, if necessary, shoot to kill. “

Yue Cui Wei gazing I look, I see sheepishly carried away, slightly inwit asked:. “Mr. Yue so too rude it.”

“under Damn, offended the Queen.” Yue Cui Wei would kneel.

I said impatiently: “to say how many times, I am not the Queen there, you are here to kneel to kneel maybe it will be wasted.

will, you quickly leave it. “

“Ms. Yu has been appointed Queen’s emperor, the palace of the old unit in the eighteenth hearts, queen, Miss Yu only one, Yuemou retire.” Yue Cui Wei trot out.

Xiayue Ling fellow not had time to turn up from the bed, to hear the pink skirts in off-balance shouted:. “Miss, you be coming.”

I commanded pink skirts came in, she documented several side paved the futon, anxiously asked: “? Miss really want to sleep in here.”

“. ah,” I picked up a mouthful of yacon bitter bite, mumbled:. “you gon let them hear from fielding, seize the time to deploy, seize the time Yangjing build, prepare for war.”

“is under retire.”

pink skirts had left out one month Ling stood up, a few edge cases nimbly jump, won half yacon sudden snatch from my hand, smiling, but said fiercely: “You can Zhenhen heart, so I hungry for so long. “

my hands do the innocent-like pool, said:. “is back and report things under delayed, but not my fault.”

“Well.” He swept clean sweep a few light: food, one meter did not leave me. After also touch the belly, said:. “How so few components.”

I looked at him fiercely, raging fire burning chest. Give me a half a block away from the vine quinoa cake already depleted at the moment and I have posted back chest, Xiayue Ling this guy in the process of eating, actually did not ask me want to eat, did not leave me thoughtful point.

he was ignoring my ferocious eyes, a hand embrace me in your arms, blowing in my ear: “Lady, sleeping it came for her husband to help you change clothes..”

me chills profusion of teeth gnashing of teeth, said:. “How dare you have eaten.”

Mouguang micro grabbing him and smiled. I play him a punch. He caught my hand tightly in his arms to me, biting my earlobe asked: “? Lianer is hungry.”

“Nonsense, I ate half a cake.” I tried to struggle, Xiayue Ling fragrance of this gang who are too tempting.

“That was her husband feed Lianer.” He suddenly on my cheek Qinliaoyikou stature of a turn, actually quietly, firmly Dangdang falls couch.

“you scoundrel.” I was in a rage, his hands shot past cohesion spiritual power, he hands a flash, of offensive to me, catch me in the right wrist and left hand seized the opportunity to pull out my hair hairpin, hair loosed I was surprised, he waved his hand, and I try to coat faded.

“You pervert.” My teeth, struggling to resist.

“for the husband to undress lady What’s wrong?” He sounds lazy, the dough with banter. Then he pushed me on the bed, tightly suppressed, he scattered to cover my hair hanging down his face, stroking the hair on my face, trembling bring exciting moment itch.

two face to face, in close proximity to each other breath promiscuous mixing. He did not move, gazing at me, eyes soft, that beautiful face like a gentle dream.

stared at me, tears filled the warm heart suddenly stopped very much hope that the time for this, regardless of the war, regardless of power, regardless of the world, regardless of the Three Realms, where we are to men and women, each gazing like.

I do not know how long, he kissed my lips slowly fall, warm soft lips gently touch, gently knocking at my lips and teeth, I parted lips, tongue, lips actually eager in his brush on over and over again. He rolled down the throat dumb moan, hug in my hand a tight waist, lips firmly taken hold of my tongue, dragged him into the fine sweet bite. Panic, my tongue to avoid the back, but followed his dexterous tongue. Each other’s tongue like a pair of butterfly flowers, nostalgia play, lingering for a long time, until each finds his tongue was separated sour.

staring at each other, he frowned slightly, Mouguang ** strong. We did not speak, did not move. I felt like he was floating in the wine-like atmosphere intoxicating scent, his embrace, his breath, his body lying in my posture and my legs Ge and his firm exudes intense flavor ** of my body also a hot.

“torture you this little thing.” He grits his teeth, abnormal voice hoarse, his brow screwed together. His appearance is extremely forbear, let me shivers, like trembling body like an electric shock.

he felt my body shaking, breathing suddenly heavy, handsome face twisted as if a mass of crumpled paper, he is extremely difficult to say:. “Lianer …… I’m afraid I can not control.”

painful watching him forbear, I was a twist, I was long in the women’s modern society, for men forbear on this matter at how much courage, I was aware of. So stop the tears rolled down.

He hesitated, hand to wipe my tears. I Xinyi Heng, his hands tightly hooked his neck, lift the child, kissed his lips.

rolled down his throat as the words sound film rupture, perfusion with high concentrations. ** However, his body was stiff, his hands also slumped down in the side. I know he was afraid to touch me then I will become the king of the birth of evil blood sacrifice of the goods. Tears keep pouring Chunchi Jian raging in his tongue, stop gap, I looked up at him forbear while stunned look, raising his hand to the fingers fingertips across his lips, with a light inaudible voice : “Ling, do not worry, with his heart.”

“you.” He looked at me stunned, eyes ** overcast with heavy clouds, then suddenly held me under harsh kiss, just touch my lips, but fiercely pushed me, myself turning lay down on the couch inside, back to me.

I was stunned, did not speak for a long while. The first seduce people, and seduce a man ** high, actually ended in failure. Can not be sad, my heart afloat slightest hunchback hunchback happiness.

“Xiao Lin, I’m sorry I do not know why, you see, wanted to tease you.” for a moment before he spoke, and then back to me.

fool, food and sex, Qingnanzijin how could I not know this thing? How could I blame him. Although not blame him, but at the moment I do not know how to face him this little funny apology, simply silent.

he thought I was still angry, he went on to say:. “In fact, I want you, only this time the opponent is too strong, I do not have the slightest mishap but will you at risk.”

tears crept over the face, and my heart because his words have thin thick needle pain. He suddenly turned around, probably did not think I was in silent tears, his face lifted puzzled and surprised. I am extremely embarrassed, hurried Calei. His brow wrinkled up, pulled me into his arms, constantly ask patting me on the back, solemnly said:. “Do not cry, do not cry month Ling swear, etc. kick this battle, Ling certainly a good month Love Lianer, otherwise let Ling month beyond redemption. “

I was sweating black line, this sort oath? This guy can be good chess world, the United States was disastrous too, after all, a bit low EQ. Gegedada heart was this guy vows to eliminate all, in spite of himself to laugh.

夏月凌 a stiff, looking down at me, on the face gradually showing angry, snapped:. “. laughing laugh I’ve always kept their promises, I’m serious.”

“ah earnest.” My head buried in his chest, trembling smile.

“Oh, you heartless, this is the first time I swear.” His tone has a lonely, I know he had hurt a pure heart, he shifted his body, no longer laugh, looked on his chest , smell the fragrance of his breath, and fell asleep.

[with love] Chapter VIII of the war-torn

come, crashed into Xiayue Ling Moyu eye, startled, and saw that the fish from the claws wrapped around his body. My face while hot, quickly got out of bed. Extremely depressed heart: his sleeping position is not always good?

“all his skin so many times, still shy?” His voice sounded pleasant.

my vexation embarrassed, did not dare to turn against him. Flora had to quickly put on armor, and then head into a high ponytail tied quickly ran off commanded meal over.

because this guy would like to install a coma, so I had to bite the bullet and return to Huang account using rice.

so everyone get away, he got up and gracefully walked side a few cases, the bright yellow of the Department of Debu tight shirt, exposing large areas of strong chest, I saw, thought his chest temperatures up face was hot, heart cursed : Damn, this guy is absolutely Xiayue Ling exhibitionist tendencies.

“Like what?” He sat down beside unceremoniously tea and rinse the mouth, then Picking is a burst of clean sweep. I panicked, although the end is coming for two meals, but the man in front of me like a reincarnation of evil, I slow the action again, given hungry again.

So I Picking wolf tiger swallow, and compete with his bowl of food. He saw me and him fight, teeth, harsh glare of my hands but it is not the slightest relaxation. This man is also very stingy, I just stole a piece of corned beef under his chopsticks, he soon stole chicken wings from my chopsticks.

so again, attacking rather, the outcome often change. Soon, there is one meter dishes, can not find a piece of lettuce. He got up and stretched, said: “? You this cat, I even dare to grab the food.”

I smiled and said: “Food is not the emperor for the day to eat first such event in life, how can we be courteous.?”

“razor Not come and help make the bed?” He looks like a rogue sitting Tabian.

wanted to ignore him. But turn to think. Shi moment is now. Soon. Other offensive will begin. This war is alive or dead I do not know. Heart filled with pain and sadness. Maybe. This go. Maybe not never ever seen him.

Bale. Bale. I stepped forward to help him lay a bed. Li bedding. Made a request to pose. Said: “Please emperor bedtime.”

this guy was sitting there not moving. Just looked at me. Face to look very weird. There are like guilt. There are very strong powerhouse afraid.

Could this guy is worried about me? Think of this. Heart full of sweet. Unknowingly laughed.

he saw me laugh. Frowned up. Very angry look. I reached out to touch his brow. Like bullies pranayama decent women like that. Crooked smiles: “Do not worry, etc. The victorious generals back Fengfengguangguang marry you..”

“you say to do.” He suddenly hold me. Hugged me tingled.

Why is he shaking? The Taishan collapse in the former are placid man shaking? I’m thinking thin confuse this situation, just naturally hugged him and whispered comforting: “Rest assured, I most cherish life blue Xiao Lin, will come back, not to mention there is this handsome Ruhuasiyu at home waiting for me. “

“ah.” He not only did not refute, but like a child will head buried in my neck croon.

embrace a long time, I broke his hand, ordered him reluctant to lie down, and for him tucking. He also did not give up and said: “You will put Void armor of God.”

viciously punched me and said:. “we should do a show realistic, my soul is now complete, is not so weak.”

he heard this phrase, and looked startled, his face suddenly pale, staring at me.

This is another situation where the door? I have doubts, but no time to reflect, just reach out and patted his face, said:. “Obediently waiting for me to come back,” Then, his reaction tube, straight out of the imperial account.

is shi moment, from the morning of the day on Clouds clouds, the moment has finally collapse live, the snow turned into snow goose feather. Barracks and soldiers had to eat dinner in advance, ready to be.

from the barracks and Lin Jingsong sentries standing on stage, looking at the enemy’s camp motionless. Are like two sculptures. I go forward, all will not move like sculpture. Only that forest old man came to see me back, revealing strange look.

I walked salute: “Lin old general everything can be ready?” he disagree, they pointed to the high platform, and said:. “command in there tonight.”

I grunted ignore him, to uphold Nianqi Yufeng, glided down from the side.林景松 look me up, frowned and said:. “War is not a woman thing.”

“Albatron public does not really recognize her clothes, right?” displeasure from the opening glanced Lin Jingsong a ramp.

“Meet the lotus next May Queen, however, according to ancient records, then put down the sorcerer Queen Lotus month rebellion also directed at the screen tent, but by the ancestors of the Lin family head

Aug 11

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Inside,cheap canada goose, the doors of a closed, all outside those four voices were isolated, and finally you can clearly hear the wind and Li Bai Ye conversation.
that guards lead the way here, and after bend the bow, back out. I hesitate listen enough, you can actually hear the guards to leave when ordered and clear sound of footsteps. I was wondering if it was an impulse ran in the estimated not find people, not to give exhausted themselves, but also long been caught. This is more useful than those impregnable much, who designed. Can only say that the man high! It is high; There is, for me, that people hate, it is nasty!
But after coming in, there is a path straight forward, I think the front walk, Ye Li found locked in the third, but the wind was kept in her white diagonally opposite.
Li Ye saw me, and gave up coming in, Oh said: “? .. You have to do what I 纳兰丽 Ye really wrong you have to read your new Vipers intestinal than before the woman you ……”
“Li Ye, you do not say!” White Wind aloud blocked road. I will not bother, indicating Linger small pastry lattice inside the tea bag.
“wind brother, I would say, if she had, Zhe Gege how would hurt, how will be blamed on the king brother if she stole Cheats, how Zhe Gege will go flat in North Injured Man chaos. Zhe brother because she suffered much pain. could she do, actually ran back, when the emperor Tianfei in heaven. has framed us,canada goose outlet, me, I really have not seen you so ignoble death Hsiao, shameless. ” Li Ye getting more and more angry, dancing too, and sent crashed through the prison did not directly come out to strangle me.
“Li Ye, shut up!” white-cooled sound uh ended. “Four Miss Li Ye are outspoken, you do not mind.”
Li Ye heard the white cold wind on her face next to scold. Feel wronged, big eyes mist appear immediately. Saw me, he also is full of angry grievances, looking to send into the tea, loudly:. “Who sent you something to eat.”
said, put the cups and plates attached to the inside of the pastry with tea thrown over towards me. Hit the railing cell debris porcelain splash out, cut off my hand. Blood out. Linger saw, I immediately went to the front, smashing open the file over the pastry pieces. Li Ye glared. White Wind is also a look at me worried.
I opened Linger, “Li Ye, I do not know how to work with you, not something you look at it,canada goose jackets, seeing is not necessarily real. well, if you can go out, do not be so self-willed, Here is the kingdom of heaven, not Sirius country. “
“four Miss Li Ye temper you know you, or to go back.” White Wind aloud suggested.
If we say, listening to the words of Li Ye is not uncomfortable, it is absolutely impossible. Huang Fu Zhe really hurt because of me. Cheats things, but also because I am the sky. I was guilty, and if he did I understand you like to listen to wonderful. He suffer, what about me? I would really say so impossibly bright outside. This is half a year, I’ve had a bitter and who said to go.
Well I heard, simply handled by the Linger under the wound. They went out.
I said I do not know the way back, so Linger ahead, I actually stab in the dark with a splash came at the hands of the porcelain pieces leave the doors of a small angle mark fork in the road along the way also do mark. In fact, I do not know in the end would apply to Huangfu Zhe wise counsel, should be able to come save them. But nor is the general role of the Emperor Xuan, to really fight together, who knows what will happen when the time. If they want to come to a mysterious Emperor pre-emptive, then these markers should be useful.
Similarly, for Linger – one with his body to protect me, I was grateful. I asked her why so good to me, and she always answers – is the emperor accountable.
[entanglements articles: fifty-third chapter say you love me]
went outside, I commanded to take care of the people inside, then back to Morningside Park.
a back garden gate they saw a group of more than vigil palace eunuch. I know that he came.
into the morning Palace, see no one inside, before Candle tears have been put on a new Jinfeng Fei-day red candle. A few big tennis silhouetted against glowing pearl, issued faint yellowish sheen issued, Chende warm room, can only I know where my heart is no longer afraid do not warm up.
Emperor Xuan held hands standing at the window, looking into the distance. I knelt down and bowed, for a long time, he does not have to respond. I was depressed. Not ShuiBuLai, coming on like this.
“You go Tianlao up?” He seems to ask non-asked, casually Road.
“am.” That was Tianlao original condition really much better than the dungeon.
he turned, eyes across the trace of strange, said:. “got to sit down and talk to it.” I got up and thanked
crashed with him to sit down.
“how do you not ask me what happened today?” he asked faint.
“emperor say, will naturally say, but I want to know.” He claimed to me, it shows that his mood was okay, took advantage of his good mood. I followed his words, see if you can carefully consider Li Ye and white wind thing.
“disappearing child, say you love me!” He looked at me straight, so a sudden emerge. Let me know what to do. Why would he say that he knew the answer I give is definitely not what he wanted. So I just put that glass down on the table, which is plum wine, a hint of sweet and sour, the solution is designed for nausea and I do, with appetizer, but can not drink.
I am a little uncomfortable, drank. No longer see him, to change the subject, harmony, said: “The emperor, there is one thing I do not know if I should say.”
“said.” He paused and said, sounds bland, but also did not get emotional.
“that day, I was in Sirius, and Nalan Princess hit it off, like sisters to me looked after her outspoken in this respect, he saw me today, nature is strange, do not know the rules here, only to run I came here while White Wind is her future husband, his new wife will be cut beyond the moment, there are no other intention. also please the emperor must not blame them. “I looked up at him breath finish . There Dishou small azole two.
“Do you mean to say that they are innocent, should I put them.” for a long time, he was cold channel.
“Yes.” to Li Ye’s character, can not have any tricks.
“Do you really think they are innocent it?” His words implied needle-like ice, I felt his breath close, looked up, he grabbed a chair and shoved both sides of the armrests. Force me with him in the eye, his eyes dangerous elements that extend the complex. “Says you really think they innocent, including him?”
I knew who he was referring to was the Emperor Xuan suddenly asked this question, so I do not quite know why.
see I did not answer, he approached a little. Raised her voice and said: “say ah!!”
I felt unprecedented oppression, carried away, shouted: “! yes, I think they are innocent …… if not me, they will now alive and well, will be good.”
I found that I could really stupid, actually, and he said that, expect him to release. This time is absolutely unrealistic. Might as well go directly save them more practical point.
“What about me? disappearing children, you say, what about me?” He pinched my chin, Niuguo my head. “Said the child passed away, say you love me!”
I bit his lip, his eyes wide open to see him, he is really a horrible person, I would say this sentence, to face him, how can I say.
“do you think they are innocent? do you really think they have no point plan, no use to you?” he asked aloud. His hands clutching the handrail loud giggle, that thousands of years has had a long mahogany cracks. He said they had planned, but also take advantage of me, and this is how it was.
“You know what? They use you, upset my Imperial defense, military aircraft to land and take the opportunity to enter my Royaldragonbooks you think they innocent, and they plan carefully even I have strange enough Oh! either three years ago and played him, may take precautionary measures, then I will soon put the country in the Kingdom of Heaven will not be the country it! “His tone was completely cold, full of unwilling backlog for a long time and anger.
he meant Solitude chisel is their people? Li Ye came to me, but also their expected range. Or are planned in advance.
“Say You Love Me, Xiao death, saying that people you love me! you say ah!” He always grabbed the subject refused to let go.
time I really do not know what to say, only to close your eyes and shouted: “! Do not say, do not push me, I do not know!”
“I do not know what? Believe it or not, I now call people taking a knife inside Tianlao the two people inside.” forcing him, I looked up his crimson eyes.
“You will not.” to his intellect, he could not do so, Li Ye is Sirius Princess, no matter where she made another big mistake, it is impossible to say do not say directly to her life. The White Wind, if inexplicable dead, that will not stop until Huangfu Zhe.
“I will not? disappearing children, you know what the worst outcome is that a big deal between the two countries go to war. By the time the decision on who wins the battle, do you think?” My voice gradually enlarge, shook me somewhat incomprehensible.
“You’re crazy!” I angrily said. How long until a stable situation, but also the war. And this is the mysterious Emperor yourself wrong earlier, asking me to steal someone cheats. How strange now got someone else. He really mad, angry again before he would not say these words to write, he in the end is how.
“I was mad, disappearing children, you say, you were saying that you love me, you love me, you say!” he asked with crazy. Looked at me, waiting for an answer.
that did not scare is false, and I’m not scared of light, would have severe belly pain began to faint. I am no longer able to conceal, although bit his lip bite bleeding, but still could not help humming sound. Sent away, he could not help himself hand stroking the abdomen, the other tried to grab the handrail but that he grabbed only dead clutching his arm.
he seems to feel my discomfort, a change before the sharp, uneasy and asked: “disappearing children, where you …… how of that uncomfortable??”
“My stomach hurts.” My teeth squeak from the inside out so words. Systemic start a cold sweat.
“you stick a while.” Then he rushed outside and shouted: “Come, quickly pass the imperial doctor!” Then, I carefully picked up, put on the bed collapsed.
Linger come in, but also surprised. Busy ran out.
“disappearing children, do not be afraid. imperial soon come.” He asked me to rely on, whispered comforting to.
I was cursed, Who made me afraid to be so. Another burst of pain hit, I forced Yaoxia Chun. Blood flow out. Drop in his hands. He was surprised, put his hand on my mouth, and said:. “Pain, then it bites here.”
I looked away, ignoring him. This madman!
“disappearing child, you do so, I will not force you. do not force you.” he said at the side.
this time, the imperial doctor finally came. Linger also brought a female medical officer, after the imperial pulse, they gave me a few needles applied by female medical officer, I eased the pain. Linger serve me carefully rub the body, has been replaced after wet coat, lay back on the bed. Whole body felt like running a marathon, like, exhausted. Belly ache or faint.
that female medical officer called late Shang Yan, said to be the brother Xue apprentice. When walking through her practice areas, specifically called her to come here to take care of me. One to meet this condition. I was really very grateful Xue brother. He always thought it would be thoughtful.
She said I would tread the instability. Is in the early stage after frightened moving the tire air. Fortunately discover heal, or is likely to miscarriage, a corpse two lives.
I listened, thinking you are frightened to say that to scare me now. But only to himself, no effort said. Chen is a bowl of drugs after
up, I could not even have time to say do not eat, they were fed directly into it. After mouthwash to taste, let me exceedingly rest, saying that this drug can sleep there rather God.
said after what my body cool side, then, should be stamped cotton mattress. I simply ignore eyes closed, let them toss. After a while before quiet.
feeling was also on the couch, I opened my eyes confused. Emperor Xuan seen sitting next to, moderate, said:. “Disappearing children, do not be afraid, I was.”
if emboldened enough, they will definitely poor blood. How can that right, I still have no choice. Another example is the same as before simply close your eyes and rest.
just think he carefully lay down beside me, holding me, put my head on his Jianwo. He carefully put aside my messy bangs. Dropping a kiss, he heard him say: ‘? Disappearing children, this time, why people are still in your heart to him, not me. “
such problems, past and I asked inside the heart. Looks like I have more right to ask this question it, at least I’m just giving, never do not like Lin-day thing, I have never insist, do not hurt others. If you are really forest days, then you do not say before how. Now How about you? You claim to want me love you, but always let me pain, whether it is the body or mind. In fact, I do not know what I considered what Huangfu Zhe is on. But you kind of love, few people dare to accept, and few people can afford to accept.
ignore, and I’m going to sleep good rest, the unborn child is innocent, I want to protect this last relatives. And Li Ye and white wind thing, there Huangfu Zhe, he will naturally be to deal with. Du Gu Jun Lin chisel and I want to go bother them, the body can not hold. Perhaps that is really hypnotic drugs function well, confused, so I go to sleep.
[entanglements chapter: Chapter 54 who is]
After two days, I heard HUANGFU Zhe to retreat, they summed up the mysterious Emperor a misunderstanding over. The Princess and the wind is Nalan bother to Morningside Park, because people want to come and apologize. Go to the meditation pavilion in the way, I thought, that girl’s temper Li Ye, agreed to come true apology is also stomped, pouted Pakistan come. When
through willow gallery, saw not far from the familiar back. The morning sun spilled down through the slightest of wicker, a white robe scattered his body, little brilliance. As little as fluorescence, flow around him. If a dream is generally untrue.
White Wind deliberately let me sent away other people around here, it is for this? I deliberately head down, to go around. But to see the day the wolf totem white gold dragon boots approached along the quartzite. Seems like I pretend to escape Hindu general, I feel that thing happened yesterday, but it has been very far very far away. I want to look up again to see that holding the dog’s tail grass, told me that people do not escape. But not anymore, I would not that Shaw passed away, he was not in that I have been brooding overbearing male.
I continue to head down to the next go around. A pair of boots and stuck in front of me.
“you okay? you so do not want to see me.” His voice was heard overhead. I was suddenly a draw. I do not know how to answer him.
“A year ago, you do not have something to say to me what, what do you say now?” he continued.
“I said, what is the use? do you want to ask what is strange is not it? Why I’m not dragging your feet firmly on the prostitutes arranged to camp, but the palace in transit, and to the Tianfei disappointment it? “In fact, I did not believe all those words of Xiao Qian water can be one saw him, he asked me good, I was there share grievances, he found what he said. All this time, there is the need to do. It is also necessary to say that!
“disappearing children, what you’re saying, what foot prison? What prostitutes camp? when I arranged for you not to follow ……” He looked at me puzzled, surprised asked. What they seem to react, said:. “Disappearing children, you quickly say, you are talking about, I believe.”
I looked at him a little anxious, thinking, not to mention his Believe me, even to say, but also how, you still day-chul princes, I still Tianfei, also pregnant with another man’s child. This fact can not change it. But I still Guishi

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City in the dark as if into a ghost town in general, past lighted this time completely gone, only that the rhythm of two or three lights, as if recounting There is a trace of popularity. Lu Feng olive
sitting cross-legged in a small military tents in the daybreak, slowly open your eyes, after five or six hours practicing, his body has been recovered vigorously seven or eight percent, surging feelings of TV drama strength, with a trace of his face indistinct smile. When
myself full sense of power, that is so happy, as if everything is in your grasp, thinking problems, can be considered more fully.
activity for a moment, the air is crisp Lu Feng spirit out of the tent, suddenly, alert personnel to guard outside while sounding a firearm insurance and opt aligned Lu Feng, one sergeant Chen Sheng shouted: “Who told you to come out , go. “
Lu Feng Wei Zhou brow, light,canada goose outlet, said:. “ye Executive said, if I have any requests, you can always find him.”
that were soldiers wearing camouflage uniforms without any pause, followed by Lu Feng’s words and said:. “Our Executive has said, we must next ask you something, unreasonable demands Yigai disregarded Well, what do you do? “
Lu Feng eyes from looking carefully these soldiers swept his face, watching them take your finger on the trigger, the way hearts feel some frustration, hesitated a moment, he said:. “I need to call.”
that were dressed in camouflage uniforms of the soldiers flatly refused: “No, we Executive said, calling belongs to unreasonable demands, we can not agree, if nothing else, I also ask you to go back to the tent, otherwise we do not blame polite. “
Lu Feng heart smile, slightly thought a moment, he turned and returned to the tent, saying scholar met soldiers clearly reasoned, the soldiers themselves and those stubborn arguments, I am afraid that is a waste of words.
slowly sat down on a chair Jingxia Xin, Lu Feng feeling tent full thirty breathing, heart full of frustration of color, do not think that will be strictly enforced military command, I am afraid that swarthy thirty guns mouth, and always will be right here in front of your own?
how to do?
Is going to sit still here?
disaster inside, but with hundreds of thousands of people, ah! How many villages, many towns, there are people in the county, but always in jeopardy.
he must find a way out of here, these soldiers from the wasted time,canada goose jackets, but can not afford to waste their own, but they should soon master arrived before if they come, they are not able to understand what is the condition in the end, can not be find samples of the source of infection, and that for them to start research work extremely unfavorable, according to their temper, even very likely by virtue of a medical expert through the blockade were the first to enter the disaster area, if that’s the case, they are also very likely infected.
Moreover, not only did these things, he still must find a way to escape, to call out to their parents, telling about their own safety, otherwise they will be worried; still practice their master, and Wang Meng language , if not stop at Kai Wang Meng language here, and that big trouble.
Lu Feng’s brain, like high-speed operation of the machine, constantly thinking about how to be able to escape.
However, a full ten minutes past, his eyes light up slowly, and now you want to get out of here, I’m afraid there is only one way, but the success rate of this approach, is not too high.
Now, however, just think of this one way, anyway, must try.
sitting cross-legged on the cold cement floor, Lu Feng slowly close your eyes, silently running in the air in the body, a little removed from the meridians, into every body cell, and that he needs to simulation, control of the air so that changes in their physiology to simulate a sick state, and only in this way can be sent to the county hospital, although it has been blocked throughout the county, but he believes the hospital’s work must be in operation, only that they have been sent to hospitals, their only chance to escape to have.
Ten minutes later, Lu Feng covered body temperature gradually increased, the lips become dry white, sanity began to blur looks from the outside, it looks like the appearance, but also looks bleak than real patients.
eyes, flashed a hint of sneer, then he slowly climbs up from the ground, threw the body opened the entrance tent canvas, in the second step to take, then the body of a crooked, fell heavily to the ground.
around the outside of the soldiers, one looking slightly changed, carrying light machine guns in their hands, looked at each other. Before
who call for soldiers to refuse Lu Feng, brow slightly furrowed, after his comrades around to a winking, he put in the hands of gun down, then cautious towards Lu Feng, first toed the Kick Lu Feng’s body was found after he did not move, slowly squat body, gently moving Lu Feng’s head.
how is it?
this kid he …… After that were the eyes of the soldiers
deep color with puzzled, looked shriveled Lu Feng whitened lips, there was a reddish complexion, suddenly the hearts shocked, Lu Feng hand quickly touch on the forehead, sixty-seven seconds After the bell, which seemed like a frightened soldiers in general, the body suddenly bouncing around from Lu Feng opened with a trace of horror color cried: “This kid in a fever, he …… he would not have been infected, right? “
moment, surrounded by armed soldiers behind him shouted toward step back, eyes with a fear of color.
their mission here, for the kind of highly contagious, high mortality, abnormal, but very clear. If Lu Feng really been infected, and that if they are too close contact with Lu Feng, I am afraid there may be infected through a variety of ways, you know, once they are infected, they can get equal access to the ticket eighteen layers of hell ah!
and still have the kind of car.
everyone is afraid of, is simply to avoid, such as snakes and scorpions, a time that nobody dared to go forward.
“how to do? can not watch him die here, right? should not hurry to report?” One of the soldiers asked.
“Of course you want to report this Lu Feng can be so closely guarded, definitely not ordinary people, in case the point of what happened, we were not able to bear, so that you’re here looking at him, I immediately went to report.”
that soldiers of Carter, he sounded behind commanding voice: “how is it?”
that soldiers quickly turned, when the come to see his eyes suddenly flashed a look of excitement quickly said: “Reporting Directorate, this being the keepers, like a fever, he was just out of the tent, suddenly collapsed on the ground, we are ready to report to the leadership. “
come precisely Guyun city, just a few hours sleep, but because the heart of the people’s safety, even if sleep will also feel at ease, so out of the tent, ready in outside activities bones.
a result, when he was just out of the tent, we can see the situation here.
listening to the words of the soldiers, Guyun city looking for a change, but he knew this small military tent, what people are guarded.
big step toward Lu Feng ran, but he had just rushed out in a few steps, he was stopped by two soldiers to which a soldier’s face with color hesitation, spoke and said: “Heads, you …… you do not Over the past ah! His physical condition is very bad now, in the end is not even clear that he was infected kind of strange disease, if …… “
Guyun City hearts severely twitched a bad feeling suddenly rises from his heart,cheap canada goose.
he knew, but Lu Feng was arrested back from disaster, then the soldier can say is most likely ah! Imagine a soldier can even silently stunned a strong, even sick? This is a bit wrong ah! You know, the strong physique are all very healthy, this is the best of the best, which came back from the disaster became this way, absolutely strange.
Moreover, even if a fever, nor faint ah! !
mind more convinced that Lu Feng strange disease may have been infected, Guyun city’s heart sank slowly, mind struggled and hesitation, he eventually brushed aside that two soldiers, Chen Sheng said: “I look at the situation, you immediately by a car, took him to the county hospital. remember, the way must be careful, but he and other patients should be isolated. “
Then he crouched Lu Feng looked around, then turned and strode back only 50 meters to the huge olive green military tents.
together over thirty soldiers stared and looked at each other, then began to act.
Soon, two cars drove up they never far away, where five armed soldiers reluctantly carrying Lu Feng, threw him into a military vehicle in the car, of which three soldiers to stay in the car, the other two were quickly on the cab.
seemingly unconscious of Lu Feng, in fact, still maintained a sober this time, feeling the body bumps, as well as cars with movement, Lu Feng’s eyes slightly opened a gap, when the three sat on both sides of the line of sight see After the soldiers, heart secretly smile, then, the gas running fast in his body, that is used to regulate the air circulation system itself, but also by his quick recovery, almost in just thirty seconds, then resume Lu Feng ever.
in his body completely normal that moment, he drifted into the sky like a ghostly, almost instant, he would have been enough to have come from the three soldiers in front of a couple of meters away, with a smile Xiemei, Hands like lightning hit.
Poof! Poof! Poof!
time less than one second, three attacks put three soldiers guarding him to stun stature quickly came to the rear, the sight looked outside and found that there are a lot of soldiers, Lu Feng eyes on the street quickly glanced around the scene, suddenly, in the alley saw a clouded after his body surging out of the air, followed by the pre-dawn darkness stature quickly fleeing into alleyways.
quickly identify the direction a bit, Lu Feng decided to leave the town, there is a signal to the outside where the dream language to parents and call them, they are worried about the province, but also to Master Shang Wende call and ask him elderly people how to prepare it? When to get here? ?

body of one hundred and seventeenth chapter phone
scholarly house Updated :2012-3-21 2:02:08 words in this chapter: 3332

in the shady alleys, Lu Feng in determining no one around, the sky suddenly stature, there have been six or seven meter fly pupil, before quickly flew towards the outside of the county.
Two minutes later, he would have come over the woods, and a keen eye observed around again, only to fall on the dirt. Quickly took out the phone, looked at the screen and found this cell phone signal turned out to be full, which makes Lu Feng eyes hint of a smile.
quickly dialed his father’s cell phone number, the other rang a few times after they are turned on, then the phone came the father Lu Zhenhai anxious voice: “? small peak, a small peak yet.”
Lu Feng heard his father’s voice, he laughed: “?? Dad, me, you and my mom left the hill to where you are now.”
phone came 陆振海 slightly relaxed many voice again: “small peak, your mother and I have come out from the mountains and happen to hit a car on a road, stopped the car, we now have to face City The airport, tickets are bought, there are two hours the aircraft can take off. How about you? Where are you now? “
Lu Feng laughed: “Dad, I’m from the inside out, but it is now out of town, I can not back Jiyang city, because they master these medical experts fear that I might catch up in the near future, I am here! wait for them, and then help them find the master of this strange disease treatment approach. “
Lu Zhenhai slightly hesitated, then seriously said:. “Well, you pay attention, do not be infected with the kind of strange disease.”
Lu Feng quickly agreed, then Cabanatuan Chen Ping mother’s phone has been robbed in the past, some exhort, they finally reluctantly hang up the phone.
parental concern about heart, Lu Feng can clearly feel, atrial warm, let him unusual comfortable.
Without hesitation, he called the king word again dream phone, and Wang Meng’s language to answer quickly, so Lu Feng mind to understand, I’m afraid all the time waiting for her own phone because cell phone beeps, First Sound are not completely down, end of the line has been switched on.
“Hey, Lu Feng, Lu Feng where are you? Why do you let in Kay’s stopping me, you say ah, where are you then Lu Feng??” cell phone came the voice of the king shortness dream language, even the sound of rapid inquiry , and also with a trace of a tearful voice.
Lu Feng heart secretly feel ashamed, after all, he had lied to the king word dream language after Wang Meng voice down, they quickly Lu Feng said: “Baby, you get excited, I’m good, has returned to us here ! Do not cry, listen to me, here’s the kind of strange disease is very serious, and, as you say like that, and now the whole town has been blocked army, or even individual towns have all been crammed. lest you come too achieve any effect, because now anyone get into. “
end of the line, Wang Meng language shortness asked: “Lu Feng, your parents how to do that you have to think of a way, ah, they still have the old couple in the house it?!”
Lu Feng tone revealing a trace of a smile, spoke and said: “Baby, you do not worry, I’ve been lurking into the home, and the parents gave their rescue, and now they are temporary airfield, was about to rush Jiyang City. Yes, if you have time, go to the airport to pick their parents, and I was afraid they could not find my house in Jiyang City. “
“er er er, I went, I went, Lu Feng, when are you coming back? your parents that they are all back, why do not you come back ah?” Wang Meng tone language has no shortness before then, But still with that whine and sobbing.
Lu Feng know this is not your own, even if they are well-intentioned, should not deceive the king dream language, so start with a sweet offensive: “Baby, I also want to go back ah Master and his wife, but they will come to me! When they get here, I can not because my parents left the place, they disregard the safety of other people’s life and death, right? And, I do not worry their master and his wife, where with around them, while able to learn medicine, but also able to play along the way Baby, you do not worry, worry, your man’s ability, you do not know? Even if the sky is falling, you can withstand a man, and I have not to my most most favorite baby you marry it, it is not able to have any thing. “
“go, lifeless, who will promise you to marry.” end of the line king dream language, and finally a small whine a lot, Jiao Chen said.
Lu Feng laughed: “Of course you are, or else I just pulled a female animal in the street to pick up a marriage license got.”
“How dare you ……”
They chatted for a while again, asked Lu Feng Wang language dream, so she received after their parents took them to the hospital to do a comprehensive carefully checked. Although after seeing their parents, have them checked Lu Feng body, and did not find anything illness, but to be safe, parents still have to do some checking into the hospital, must in the end he did not know what kind of disease characteristics, Some original condition when you check without any problems, but it lurking in a corner of the body, if hidden for some time after the outbreak, it is the most terrible.
Ten minutes later, Lu Feng was smiling, said: “Baby, the day immediately lit up, and I wanted to go to the county to see, then we will put it this way, hang up ah!”
“Well, good, then you should definitely have to pay attention, do not be brave, do not be the kind of infectious disease to infection, under the premise of saving is to protect yourself.” Wang told again dream language channel. After
Lu Feng promised, then the phone gave the king a loud kiss dream language, this reluctant to hang up the phone in the mood.
gave parents called and told them to go back to Wang Jiyang language dreams Municipal Airport pick them

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